After plugging in a Navionics card, chart updater web page or app distracts from charting software operation -- About the Navionics Chart Installer

Article NA20002, May 28, 2015

It is normal for a Navionics card to look for any updates when connected to any computer with Internet access; the Navionics chart updater is distinct and separate from the workings of Fugawi software.


When trying to have Fugawi Marine 5 (or similar software) read in charts from a Navionics chart, you might be surprised when a distinctly different window pops out prompting you about Navionics chart updates (free or paid). It may look something like the illustration below.

Condensed example of Navionics updater web app

If you do not need Navionics chart updates at this very moment, just ignore the chart installer, exit the web page window. With that done, go back to concentrating on what you wanted to accomplish in the Fugawi software. Presumably, you wish to click Charts | Install Navionics Charts from Media Card.

Of course you may return later to the Navionics Updater service and use it as you wish — it is excellent to get chart revisions via download. But at least in terms of immediate use of Fugawi Marine 5 or other software, the updater is completely separate and may be disregarded.