How to activate Web Maps such as streaming tiled topographic maps from Fugawi -- PathAway Pro 6.x

Article PT16006, April 27, 2017

The Different Types of Downloads

This solution applies to Web Maps in PathAway Pro which are generally on-demand maps that download only what you direct the software to download. Individual raster charts are handled differently.

Summary Instructions

  1. In PathAway Pro 6 (fully updated), tap the main Menu icon.
  2. Under the Maps sub-menu, select the WebMaps.

    PathAway Web Maps sub-menu
  3. In Account Settings, enter your (X-Traverse) email + password.
  4. Scroll down to and tap on the menu row WebMaps Source.

    PathAway Web Maps Source
  5. Select the source of WebMaps as Fugawi / X-Traverse.

    PathAway choosing X-Traverse
  6. Select the correct map title from WebMaps Type.
    (A map title preceded by an asterix such as * This Topo Map is already activated and you should choose that one, if avialable.)
  7. Tap Activate Map and Yes to confirm.
  8. Return to the map screen of PathAway and center over any latitude / longitude position of the nation coveraged by your Fugawi topo map product. Any area panned to or scale zoomed into within a range of map coverage downloads data from the Fugawi / X-Traverse on-demand map server. You may change back the WebMaps source to another service later on, if you wish.


Detailed Instructions

These instructions feature images of Swedish Topo Maps activated and stream-downloaded into PathAway Pro version 6.03.00. Essentially the same instructions apply to any other on-demand tiled / quilted products in Fugawi (formerly "X-Traverse") designated compatible with PathAway Pro for Android; merely substitute in your particular map subscription.

  1. In PathAway, use any map of any kind and center it approximately where you will be downloading the Fugawi topographic maps. If the current map position is far outside the geographic range of the Fugawi map product you subscribe to, then all you would see when trying to download maps is a mostly blank white screen and it might be confusing to try to scroll towards the geographic area that is available from Fugawi.
  2. In the upper-left (default) corner of the PathAway app, press Menu | Maps; and under the expanded menu, tap WebMaps.
  3. In the WebMaps menu, have a check mark beside both Download Maps from Internet and Show Cached Maps when offline.
    Two WebMaps options check marked
  4. Next, tap Account Settings and enter your account email + password.
    (This only needs to be done the first time you use PathAway with Fugawi or if you change your Fugawi password.)
    X-Traverse account credentials
  5. Further down the WebMaps menu, tap on WebMaps Source and assign Fugawi / X-Traverse as the current provider of map data.
    WebMaps menu Map Source designated for X-Traverse
  6. If you do not see any map titles listed under WebMap Types, then tap the Refresh Map List menu. In the illustration below, no maps are found initially; a refresh is done; then after few seconds the account is consulted for any PathAway compatible WebMaps. The result is one map title listed: Swedish Topo Maps. Your map title may vary. If you have more than one map subscription, tap WebMap Types and select the desired title. 
    WebMaps Refresh and examine list of available maps
  7. Press the Android’s return to previous screen (curvy-arrow) button to step back to the main PathAway map screen.
  8. When prompted to activate the web map, tap Yes.
    Activate Swedish Topo Maps in PathAway 6
  9. Tiled rectangular portions of maps progressively download, streaming in to cover an initially white backdrop with the text “Downloading” cloned over it.
    Progressive Web Map download in PathAway
    Zoom in and out, pan around as needed; more map tile content streams in, on-demand as per your finger gestures. Whatever topo map at a given scale was downloaded remains in Cache memory for future offline use.
    Complete download of topo map shown in PathAway Pro 6