Credit card transaction declined, perhaps after multiple purchase attempts -- When to contact your credit card company to confirm a desired transaction

Article SB1102, May 21, 2015

Consult your credit card's customer service. They may be able to clear a transaction otherwise declined.


In some situations, you may find your attempt to buy something from or a related product like X-Traverse will be rejected with a broad error returned along the lines of "declined". It may even happen after a previous successful purchase with the same credit card.

This can happen for a variety of reasons. For example, if you attempt to purchase from one web site multiple times and some kind of web transaction error occurs, a subsequent additional attempt may be flagged by the credit card company as a potential security risk and that will result in an ordinary card decline. 

A common resolution is to phone your credit card company's customer service department and ask if there is a web purchase security flag that needs to be cleared for your transaction with Fugawi (Johnson Outdoors Canada of Toronto is the formal billing name the credit card company would see; before April 2016 it would have been "Northport Systems Inc"). If the credit card customer service representative is able to lift any such caution, then your attempt to buy from Fugawi or its related web sites will be successful.

Of course, there are other potential reasons for a transaction decline. Some of those other scenarios may also be resolvable after discussing the failed transaction with your credit card company.