I ordered the wrong product -- Can I exchange for another sale item and pay / get a refund for the price difference?

Article SB1510, May 26, 2015

Polcies for exchanges and refunds vary depending on the product; contact sales@fugawi.com to work out the details.

If you made an accidental / duplicate purchase at store.fugawi.com or actisense.ca and wish it refunded or exchanged, contact sales@fugawi.com. Preferably, include an order number as found in the receipt email sent out to you.

For software products, Fugawi requires (as per End User License Agreement) a good faith effort on the part of the customer to work with our technical support team to resolve software issues. No instant "no questions asked" refund requests will be processed in terms of software -- we need an explanation and a chance to explain or fix a given software issue.

For X-Traverse pure download items, see the separate article on X-Traverse refunds.

Physical item purchases may have the potential for exchange of items instead of a refund followed by a new purchase; also, physical product requiring shipping require extra consideration. You should discuss all these matters via email with a Fugawi sales representative.

Should there be any doubts at all about what product to purchase in place of a mistaken order, please consult us about your needs (ex. where do you go boating? what brand equipment do you have?) and we will guide you to the correct product.