How to apply a coupon code for purchase discounts in store

Article SB1516, December 22, 2017

Any product page has a Add to Cart button. Click that and a text input box allows you to enter a valid coupon code designed for that product within any limits such as final day to purchase, amount of discount, number of re-uses if any, etc.

Here is an example of applying a particular coupon code in the store. All coupon codes work approximately the same way, this example happens to deal with a downloadable chart and a 50% off price discount coupon code. What you see in the Fugawi store may vary depending on your web browser, but the general principles of this article apply.

  1. Login at If you have any incomplete purchases that can receive a coupon discount, go to the My Order page and then you can skip the next few steps.

  2. In this example, we assume you are shopping for a Navionics downloadable chart... so go into the Charts section of Fugawi, select the Navionics brand...

  3. ... and select the particular product the coupon applies to (in this case, a Caribbean chart set). Some coupons will apply to everything in the store, some coupons are for paritcular things.

    If you had a hardware related coupon, you would drill down through the Hardware section, go down through a category of product, then select a specific product.

  4. On the desired product page, click Add to Cart (it is near the price). You may have to select from a drop-down to pick a particular variant of the product before you are allowed to add to your shopping cart.

  5. A text input box for a coupon code is under the product summary and price. In the illustration below, a coupon code has been entered and the button Apply Coupon has been clicked. A moment after applying the coupon code, assuming it is accepted, you will see the price of the product get slashed -- just the way you like it! After that, just click Place Order and go through the regular secure credit card transaction process. Expect a receipt in your email within a minute of completing a purchase.