Web purchase dollar total seems to have an extra amount above base cost + taxes -- Bank fee may be added to some transactions with foreign (Canadian) web retailer

Article SB1519, May 19, 2015

Rare issue: sometimes credit card issuing banks add a special web or internation transaction fee for credit card purchases, resulting in an unexpected billing total which is nonetheless correct.


Fugawi's credit card processor explains this issue in general at:


Products you purchase via store.fugawi.com have a straight-forward email receipt showing a sub-total plus taxes (if applicable) and a final total. However, under special and rare circumstances the final billing amount on your credit card statement may be slightly higher by about a dollar or two. Initially, you may be concerned this is a billing error; however, you can be confident there is no billing mistake.

Reason: a few banks issuing credit cards add a small banking fee for web purchases made with a company outside the USA (i.e. a USA customer buying from store.fugawi.com is dealing with Northport System Inc. of Toronto, Canada -- the formal name of Fugawi Software). That fee will not appear in Fugawi's receipt sent to you because the fee is levied by the bank after and apart from the transaction completed with Fugawi.

You may appeal this fee with your bank / credit card issuer by contacting their customer service department. Fugawi does not credit back this amount or have any means of negating the bank induced fee.