Making a new account -- and How to change the password or email login credentials

Article WF11000, September 17, 2015

Register a new account at which includes some license conditions and security confirmations.


Changing an existing account's password and/or email

If you already have an account with and/or, click the Login link under Account in the upper-right corner of the home page.

If you have forgotten your password or wish to improve the password, click the Forgot your password? link. On that page, enter your account email address and click Send me reset password instructions button.

If you wish to change an existing login email address, do so within the "sister" account that is linked to See the article on How to change the Email login name of

Make a new account

If you have never signed up for a (you've been missing out!) click the Register link under Account. registration link

On the registration web page, all fields with a red asterisk ( * ) must be filled out.

Both the Email and Password are so important to get correct, you must enter those login credentials twice and you may not copy / paste into the secondary / confirmation field.

Password rules:

  • text is case sensitive, so entering MY23passWord is treated as distinctly different from my23password
  • text string must be at least 8 characters long -- the longer, the better
  • optional suggestion: avoid most punctuation characters such as @, &, #, *, etc. though dash ( - ) and underscore ( _ ) are fine. registration for account web page

Select email newsletter preferences as you prefer.

Check mark the I'm not a robot box; this is a security measure that incorporated previous user interactons and may include a follow-up test.  must be acknowledged to proceed.

If you so consent, select to accept the Terms of use which appears in a pop-up window. Click Agree or Disagree as you prefer. Account creation halts but does not erase data if the disagree option is selected. Terms of Use (blank, generic)

Finally, click the Sign up button at the bottom of the page.

If any account sign up mistakes were made, messages will be presented in red letters informing you of the problem and implying a fix.