My email address for needs to be updated or has a typographical error -- How to change account login email (self-serve)

Article WX11100, May 4, 2018

With your old email login at and edit your email login name there.


If you forgot your password and need to change your email

You may have forgotten your account password. In that case, contact for assistance. After that is done, follow the instructions in the next section...


Changing the account email address

1. Click on this link to approach the Settings page of your account:

2. Login to your web account using the old email and password combination. (It does not matter if the email address is no longer in actual use or was never valid; it is merely arbitrary text and remains functional for logging into

3. In the first field Email, type-over and enter a new email login name. Then type in the desired new email name a second time in the Email Confirmation field so the system knows you did not make an error.

4. Optionally, you may type in a new password (twice) if you wish to change that as well. Best to avoid punctuation characters such as @ # % & to avoid error conditions when your charting software tries to access chart downloads.

5. Your presently valid password is also required at this point, in the Current Password field.

6. Click Update.


7. Charting software (ex. iNavX on iPad) has no notion that you have changed your email address. So you must immediately enter your charting software's menu for the Fugawi X-Traverse account and update the email (and password if necessary) there.

Additional notes:

  • All future purchase from will have a receipt sent to the new email address you have defined. But historical purchases will not be re-sent to the new email.
  • Fugawi sends emails reminding you of impending subscription expirations, email newsletters with potentially valuable tips / sales, etc., and of chart updates. You may wish to review your email permissions at .



As a fictional example, one would enter a account by clicking the upper-right corner links Account | Login and then enter the login credentials; in the example below, the present email and password are and 23Nyarlathotep. web site Login link in upper-right corner

Regular login screen of


Once logged in, select the Settings page (which has the URL

Settings page of when logged in


We desire to change the login email to so this gets entered twice, for the sake of confirmation. Do not paste in text here: manual input of text only. 

In this example, no change of password is contemplated.

In the Current Password field, the last successfully used password of 23Nyarlathotep has been entered.

When the Update button is clicked, the email login name has changed instantly and officially.

Immediately after a successful update, the account login email + password are changed for the web site.

We conclude by immediately going to our navigation software that accesses the service. In the app's Account screen we enter the corrected email + password text as the login credentials. This allows future chart downloads / updates to proceed without error and to access other services as applicable.