When trying to login at X-Traverse.com, error states my email address is already taken and I can't login to my account

Article WX11103, May 22, 2015

You have typed your email and password into the "Sign up for free account" boxes; but since you already have an account, an error tries to explain that you should login at x-traverse.com/login.


On the X-Traverse.com home page, there's a big visually attractive box for first time customers to sign up for a new X-Traverse account. But once you have signed up, that's the end of the story for making a new account. If you use the same "Sign up for free account" boxes again, the web site is clever enough to know you already used up a given unique email address. You will get an error message saying your email address is already taken (yes, by you, that's your email you previously used to set up an account).

The fix is easy, you just didn't notice it before: use the small email + password boxes in the upper-right ocrner of the web site.

X-Traverse home page Email and Password input boxes in upper right corner

Or use the clean and simple special page for login at:


Your account password is case sensitive so entering a password with text like "MyPass29Rnd56Wrd" is handled distinctly different from "mypass29rnd56wrd". Get the letter case correct. 

If you have forgotten your password or just can't seem to get it quite right, use the Forgot Password page at: