Product ID not accepted on NV Activation web page of X-Traverse -- Discontinued offer of free nv chart download equivalent of paper chart kit

Article WX11120, February 15, 2017

The free download offer for specific nv charts is indefinitely discontinued.


Fugawi (previous brand name = X-Traverse) is please to re-sell various nv charts for use with iNavX, Fugawi Marine 5, MacENC, and other software — and will continue to do so, including providing expert support for downloading the charts.

In the past we had a special offer on the old web site under the page /nvactivation (web link retired). The offer involved entering the product code of select nv charts paper kits which added a free download of the corresponding electronic version of the charts for use in charting software

This bonus offer was discontinued indefinitely, starting in late October 2016, when a migration to was made and retired. The discontinuation had no consequences for existing customers who had already claimed their free chart download with its associated 365 day subscription period.

As in the past, product codes related to apps on Android or iOS have no relation to the retired X-Traverse chart matching offer.

Fugawi is always appreciative of any feedback on retired service and offers and will evaluate any customer requests along these lines.