Shopping cart error message about URL domain: 'Unable to Load. This operation cannot be completed NSURLError Domain error - 999'

Article WX11153, June 27, 2016

Change to a desktop computer's web browser to avoid the NSURLError Domain error.


This error is usually seen on mobile device web browsers, sometimes when a customer clicks the "Continue" button multiple times or tries to refresh the web page. Mostly the error is seen on Step 3 of the X-Traverse shopping cart but it can appear elsewhere. Older iOS versions (5.x, 6.x) are much more likely to encounter this error.

The common work-around for this error is to switch to another web browser on a Windows or Mac computer (ex. use Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE 11, any up-to-date browser with typical security settings). Step through the shopping cart process again starting at the Orders page at and do not attempt to rush past any long pause of the shopping cart process, do not use the browser's refresh or back-page buttons. Soon you should be able to proceed to check out and complete the purchase.

web site error through iNavX