Part of web site is confusing or I am unable to purchase charts -- I have some feedback I wish to give

Article WX11500, March 27, 2017

We appreciate getting feedback on our web sites and products. We may have immediate suggestions to work-around any issue.


Some common issues customers bring up and quick explanations addressing the issue are: issue Likely resolution
Made an account, unable to login immediately afterwards Look in your email inbox and spam folder for an account verification email that requires your attention. After security verification, try to login again.
Unable to find URL links for download chart files No links exist for downloads and never will; get charts from inside your navigation software. See chart product pages for "How to download" instructions per app.
Can not remember account password

Try the Forgot Password function at:

If that fails to function, messagte for a manual reset to a temporary password; proof of valid ownership of account may be requested.

At check-out, payment method declined

Assuming use of Visa, Mastercard, or American Express, contact the credit card issuer and ask them to suspend any precautionary security block on international web purchases billed by Fugawi / Johnson Outdoors Canada.

Other payment methods may be possible, more are added to over time. Contact with your payment method and a quote of the billing error message received.

If those quick suggestions do not encompass your concern...

​We are always eager to get feedback on any perceived deficiencies or error conditions you encounter when using It is hugely helpful when we get specific descriptions about what step page or what URL is causing a problem.

Step one in our response to you will be offering any work-arounds or practical explanations that will get you past any immediate problem with the web site as it is currently constructed. The more specific your description of the problem the more likely we can give you helpful advice.

Step two is that we report web site functional deficiencies and wish-list requests to our web site developers. Over time, resources and priorities allowing, we fix the issues pointed out by our customers.