Fugawi for Sailors / Boaters

Fugawi software helps you to plan your boating trip, navigate with live GPS while on the water, have safety awareness of large ships in your area via AIS. Input the polars parameters supplied by the manufacturer of your sailing craft and Fugawi Marine 5 shows you how efficiently your sails are using the wind moment by moment. Fugawi Marine 5 shows you data from NMEA instruments along side charts, and much more. Fugawi Marine 5 is compatible with classic NMEA 0183 and the modern NMEA 2000 instruments such as GPS flux-gate compass, wind & weather station, depth sounder, etc. and we sell the Actisense NMEA adapters, multiplexors, cabling, and other equipment to connect Fugawi Marine 5 to your boat's network. 

Fugawi also provides you with world wide and local lake charts in many formats such as vector S-57 / ENC, C-Map, Navionics, and raster charts such as those from Canadian Hydrographic Service (CHS) and nv charts of the Caribbean, USA Atlantic coast, and Europe.

  • Sailing to French Polynesia in the deep Pacific Ocean? We have several chart options for you and Apple iOS compatible GPS that work in the middle of nowhere.
  • Need an cross-Atlantic planning chart? Fugawi's chart experts can help you.
  • On a pleasure cruise through the entire IntraCoastal Waterway (ICW) of the United States? Our chart selector service has several product options for you on a wide variety of platforms and/or chart plotter models.

Image of sailing ship