The Fugawi office

Fugawi provides best-in the-class software, apps and web services design, implementation and operation for leading marine and terrestrial private and public companies. We benefit from our location in Toronto, Canada where there are several world class universities providing us with a large pool of very talented developers.

Our development team members are experts in most modern software languages and frameworks including C/C++, QT, C#/WPF/XAML, Xcode for iOS applications, Android Studio and Java, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Perl and other scripting languages, as well as technologies related to geographic search, symmetric and asymmetric encryption, network protocol design, map datum/projections/image calibration, 3D rendering, digital rights management (DRM), web storage structures, and structured documents such as XML, GPX and JSON. 

We employ Agile software development methods to ensure software is developed to milestones, with executable prototypes and demonstrable executing code throughout the life of the project.

We have provided white-labeled versions of existing products and bespoke development for embedded systems, applications software and web services. We both manage the project until the product launch and become stakeholders to ensure continuous improvement, upgrades and maintainence to the products going forward, notwithstanding continous new software updates and platforms released by the likes of Apple, Android and Microsoft.

Security and cyber-attacks have become an ever-increasing world-wide issue. We act proactively to stave off attacks by running continuous scans of our online services for necessary patches and updates as well as holding regular security meetings with leading experts.

Overall, we can provide a much better time-to-market by benefiting from existing and internally developed modules and software as well as our talented team. All interactions with the clients are strictly confidential and we do not reveal even the existence of such relationships without prior consent.

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