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The Smartfind S20 AIS MOB is an emergency beacon that can broadcast emergency location and ID's to nearby chartplotters

The Smartfind S10 is a water activated MOB device used to alert nearby boats by appearing as an AIS target on chart plotters

The Fast Find Ranger PLB is a waterproof, Personal Location Beacon (PLB) carried by individuals who are travelling into areas where conventional forms of communication are ...

Basepack starter kit includes first generation xHUB to wire to kill switch and first generation xFOB to wear for man overboard safety

2nd Gen XHub FOB - red color spare FOB for 1 x MOB and 3 x Alarm

MOB+ xFOB wearable tech: Wireless Engine Cut-Off Switch for use with first generation xHUB

xTAG is a complete kit for carrying the xFOB around your neck, on your belt or on your life vest. Wear it as you like!

With the MOB+ xBAND you get a highly marine durable silicon wristband. This enables you to use the xFOB at your wrist, always on – never intrusive.

XHub (2nd generation design) is able to connect at the same time to 3 alarm-mode fobs, and 1 engine shut-down fob

Sea-Tags™ is a MOB alarm system that works with an mobile app to notify people of a MOB situation

The Siren Marine MTC is ushering in the future of the Connected Boat™. Now with a brand new easy-to-use app, a wider range of wired and wireless sensors and 3G connectivity

Canvas Snap Sensor Accessory for the Siren Marine MTC device

Infrared Motion Sensor accessory for the Siren Marine MTC device

Micro ePIR Motion Sensor accessory for the Siren Marine MTC device

Magneitc Reed Switch accessory for the Siren Marine MTC device