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Cable Assembly 9 pin. D Type - Female.

Breathe new smart digital life into your old or new transducers, with digital signal processing technology.

Safely drive up to six NMEA Listeners, with power distribution for the connected Talker.

Multiplex or Autoswitch up to 5 NMEA devices to your PC, Chart-plotter, Radar, Autopilot and more, with NMEA 0183 HS compatibility and ISO-Drive.

Converts an NMEA 0183 device into a standard NMEA 2000 device. This gateway is also bi-directional, allowing NMEA 2000 data to be shared with the NMEA 0183 device

Opto-isolation provides 2000 volts of protection to the vital NMEA devices onboard, and more.

The Actisense OPTO-4 is a bi-directional NMEA 0183 (RS422) to RS232 interface cable which provides a safe method of connecting an NMEA 0183 system to a laptop PC

Convert one or more USB ports into standard PC RS232 ports. Perfect for connecting serial based NMEA-0183 devices into the USB port of a modern PC, Tablet or Notebook

Advanced technology for safe, reliable and simple connection of your NMEA 0183, RS422 and RS232 devices to your PC’s USB port

Use to replace unused cable glands on the connectors, female and male the NDC-4, NBF-2 and QNB-1

Entry level AIS Transponder with industry standard NMEA0183 interface and internal GPS antenna that makes installation aboard smaller fibreglass (GRP) boats much quicker an...

“Easy PC connections from a Class A AIS to a PC or MAC”

Create a wifi network on your boat with NMEA data available for iPhones, iPad or Android tablets and PCs and MACS too.

iKommunicate is an intelligent gateway device that allows traditional boat navigation systems to be part of the "Internet of Things"

Your on board wireless hub with NMEA interface for navigation systems and WAN interface for internet access devices such as our WL510. Step on board and connect and you’ll ...