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The NMEA 2000™ -to- Ethernet Adapter is a wired interface gateway featuring a built-in Web Server and SD data logging.

The SeaSmart™ Wireless NMEA 2K™ Interface Module allows vessel operators to view NMEA 2000 and engine information on iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry or other Wi-Fi devices

The four-way t-piece from Actisense saves you time, space and money on your NMEA 2000 installation.

Use between two cable connectors of the same type and gender.

The A2K-MPT-1 is a simple, safe and efficient method of powering an NMEA 2000 network.

Panel mount wired connectors available from Actisense allow NMEA 2000 installations through watertight bulkheads (or panels) to be achieved.

For use at each end of every NMEA 2000 ‘backbone’.

Pre-assembled NMEA 2000 Lite cable saves you time on your installation with ‘plug & play’ installation.

Create or extend an NMEA 2000 backbone of flexible lengths to suit any installation.

Quality engineered connectors shaped to allow easy and secure connections.

View essential engine data from an NMEA 2000 multi-function display.

Covers for the NMEA 2000 Micro connectors, female and male versions available. Sold in quantities of 20.

The NMEA 2000 Starter Kit from Actisense provides everything that is required to start an NMEA 2000 installation.

For use with the EMU-1 & NBF-3. The kit is suitable for use with a top-hat-rail, type EN 50 022 or a G section, type EN 50 035.

Safely connect your PC to your NMEA 2000 network..