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Basepack starter kit includes first generation xHUB to wire to kill switch and first generation xFOB to wear for man overboard safety

2nd Gen XHub FOB - red color spare FOB for 1 x MOB and 3 x Alarm. Contains: Red color spare FOB for 1 x MOB kill switch or Alarm

MOB+ xFOB wearable tech: Wireless Engine Cut-Off Switch for use with first generation xHUB

xTAG is a complete kit for carrying the xFOB around your neck, on your belt or on your life vest. Wear it as you like!

With the MOB+ xBAND you get a highly marine durable silicon wristband. This enables you to use the xFOB at your wrist, always on – never intrusive.

XHub (2nd generation design) is able to connect to 3 alarm-mode fobs, and 1 engine shut-down FOB. Includes: 1 x Black XHub MOB+ and 1 x Red FOB

MOB+ Multi Engine Harness for connection of multiple engines to the MOB+ Wireless Man OverBoard System.