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Swedish and Danish coastlines, Swedish Westcoast from Strömstad to Kullen

German and Danish coastlines, from Lübeck and the Island of Fehmarn to Szczecin • Island of Bornholm, Incl. Lübecker Bucht and Lagoon of Szczecin

German and Danish coastlines, Kieler Bucht from Flensburg to Lübeck and Waters around Fyn. Icluding Kiel-Canal, River Eider and Schlei Fjord

DEMO: German Inland Waters, Lake Mueritz - Southern Part incl. Mirower See

German Inland Waters between Rivers Ems, Jade, Weser and Elbe (Ems-Jade-Kanal, Kuestenkanal, Elbe-Weser-Schifffahrtsweg) and additionally River Oste

German Inland Waters, River Rhein - Koblenz to Tolkamer

German Inland Waters, River Rhein - Rheinfelden to Koblenz

German Inland Waters, From River Rhein to the Northsea: Duisburg/Wesel – Münster – Emden

German Inland Waters, From River Elbe to River Oder/Odra / Incl. Waters of Potsdam and Berlin

German Inland Waters, Berlin - Müritz - Dömitz / Incl. Schweriner See

German Inland Waters, River Elbe / Hamburg to Magdeburg and Elbe-Lübeck-Kanal

German Inland Waters, Mittellandkanal and Elbe-Seitenkanal