A2K-T-MFF: NMEA 2000 (Micro) T-Piece

Standard T-Piece required for creating drop lines in a NMEA 2K network

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The Actisense designed NMEA 2000 range of cables and connectors are certified and will be available from Actisense distributors and dealers in the next few months.

Superior to similar products available, Actisense have carefully considered the install and usability issues found with other manufacturers connectors and have designed the range with this is mind. The Actisense range of NMEA 2000® connectors and cables has been designed using specialist interconnect and NMEA knowledge.

NMEA 2000 (Micro) T-Piece

For use where a drop or 'port' is required from the NMEA 2000 backbone to connect another device. The quality engineered connectors are shaped to allow easy and secure connections, even when field-fit connectors are used - making it a totally unique T-Piece. Two holes in the connector allow for fast and secure screw-connection to the vessel.

NMEA 2000 certified and fully compatible with other NMEA 2000 connectors and devices.

Part numbers:

AS-A2K-T-MFF (NMEA 2000 T-Piece Male-Female-Female)