Fugawi Global Navigator Military Download Version

Fugawi Global Navigator Military is a PC software tool for route planning and real-time GPS navigation for a wide variety of charts. Including Military grade charts or maps

USD $399.00

As of April 23, 2018 we have ceased sales of Fugawi Global Navigator Military software, due to declining Windows PC software sales combined with evolving chart formats and hardware.  We would like to thank our Fugawi Software customers for their patronage over the past 20 years.

Military Enhancements:

  •     Support for position coordinates in MGRS (Military Grid Reference System).
  •     The US Department of Defense, National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA) provides maps and satellite imagery on CD to the armed forces (in most cases) containing one large map or georeferenced image.
  •     Support is offered in their native format for:
         ADRG - ARC Digital Raster Graphics
        CADRG - Compressed ARC Digital Raster Graphics
        CIB - Controlled Image Base
  •     Canadian civilian users can obtain topographic maps of Canada at 1:250000 scale in ADRG format from Natural Resources Canada.

Navigate with your PC
Connect your PC or laptop to a compatible GPS receiver to view your position on a detailed chart, map, or air photo. See speed, position, direction, ETA, and more.

Plan and Transfer your Routes
Create routes directly on a nautical chart or topographic map and transfer named waypoints, routes, and tracks between your PC and your handheld GPS. Transfer routes tracks and waypoints directly to Google Earth, a GPX file or PathAway GPS software.

View Maps in 3D
View your favorite chart or map in stunning 3D*. ‘Fly’ across the 3D landscape using your mouse, keyboard, or joystick, or view your GPS position in real-time on the 3D chart. A great tool for finding the perfect hiking route.

iPhone - iNavX Support
Waypoint and track transfer supported with iNavX marine software for iPhone or iPad via the optional Fugawi X-Traverse service. Plan waypoints in Fugawi and tansfer to iNavX. Or, transfer your iNavX waypoints to Fugawi
Customize and Print Maps
Open a supported map, or import your own scanned paper map and calibrate it. Add routes, waypoints, or tracks, or freehand draw on the map. Print a personalized paper copy at the scale of your choice

Other Features

  • Unlocked Garmin IMG maps may be uploaded to a Garmin mapping GPS receiver
  • Full navigational features: speed, waypoints, routes, distance to go, course to steer, magnetic and true courses
  • Show your track and current location on the screen
  • NMEA autopilot support
  • View the map north-up, map-up, or course-up
  • Loads appropriate map from your own digital map library as you travel
  • Choose from imperial, metric, or nautical display units
  • Draw tracks and routes freehand
  • Optimize the number of track points (based on user-specified tolerance) with Smart Track Reduction
  • View elevations and profiles of your route
  • Link digital photos and sounds to the map
  • Calculate areas
  • Exports waypoints and tracks with UTM coordinates or Latitude and Longitude
  • Day, dusk and night vision display
  • Determine Sunrise and Sunset for any location and date
  • Display latitude/longitude, UTM, or other region specific grid lines
  • Geocaching support - click on a map to see local Geocaching sites
  • Supported map projections include: Mercator (most nautical charts), Universal Transverse Mercator (many topographical maps), Transverse Mercator, Equidistant Cylindrical, Sinusoidal, Lambert Conformal Conic, Cassini, Swiss Grid, Gauß Krüger, Wagner IV, Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area, Polyconic, Bonne
  • Supports grids from: Australia, Belgium, Canada, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Netherlands, New Zealand, Sweden (inc. SWEREF99), Switzerland, UK Ordnance Survey, Military Grid Reference System (MGRS) and UTM.
  • Optimize the number of track points (based on user-specified tolerance) with Smart Track Reduction
  • Loads appropriate map from your own digital map library as you travel
  • Supports ESRI Shapefile (.SHP) format export of Waypoints, Routes and Tracks
  • Supports GPS Exchange (GPX) format import and export of Waypoints, Routes and Tracks
  • Supports Google Earth KML files for import/export of Waypoints, Routes and Tracks
  • Supports Google KMZ files for import/export of Waypoints, Routes and Tracks (and Photo Waypoints)
  • Distance and bearing measurement tool
  • Fugawi Pace Names** lookup - find a name and click to autoload a map
  • Plot Fugawi Place names on an open map
  • Built-in Odometers and Trip Odometers to calculate distance traveled
  • All other features of Fugawi Global Navigator

Supported Map Formats

  • ADRG - ARC Digital Raster Graphics
  • CADRG - Compressed ARC Digital Raster Graphics
  • CIB - Controlled Image Base
  • Fugawi X-Traverse Online Maps (Canada Topo, USA Topo, German Topo, Swedish Topo, Canadian Hydrographic Charts, Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish Marine Charts, NV.Digital Charts of Europe and the Caribbean, Hilton Realtime-Navigator Charts, and more)
  • Navionics Gold, Fish'N'Chip, and HotMaps® Premium via direct download from Fugawi X-Traverse
  • Navionics Gold, Gold+, Silver, Fish'N'Chip and HotMaps® nautical charts (Requires optional Navionics Multi Card Reader)
  • S-57 nautical charts (e.g. NOAA ENC®, Army Corps iENC)
  • S-63 Encypted ENC charts (requires user permit)
  • BSB Version 1 through 5 raster nautical charts (NOAA RNC™, MAPTECH™, NDI Digital Ocean, Fugawi, GPS GmbH)
  • Garmin IMG format maps (not Bluechart)
  • Softchart charts (NOS/GEO)
  • Locked FX4 Maps (raster FX4 maps locked with FX4 Locker)
  • ECW (created with ER Mapper version 7.1 and prior)
  • SoftMap topo maps Ver. 1-4 (No support for SoftMap Ver. 5, SoftMap not supported in Microsoft Vista)
  • Kompass Maps (.gvg)
  • Magic Maps (Tour Explorer .ikt)
  • eTopo
  • TRAK Maps
  • Geotiff
  • Chart Tiff maps and charts
  • ADRG (Military version only)
  • CADRG (Military version only)
  • CIB (Military version only)
  • Swiss Map 50 and Swiss Map 25 (Version 3)
  • Swedish Government digital maps (optional extra upgrade)
  • Calibrate any scanned map or raster map file in bmp, gif, jpg, png, pcx, or tif format (must know the map datum and coordinates for three points on the map or have a prepared JPR file)

Please note that from Fugawi Global Navigator version onward the Maptech SDK will no longer be supported. Customers who own previous versions of the Fugawi Global Navigator software are advised to backup any downloaded installation files for their own personal use before upgrading to any newer version. Please note that BSB charts (Including Maptech) are still supported by Fugawi Global Navigator but do not use the Maptech SDK to read the BSB charts. It is possible that some charts supported by the Maptech SDK are not supported by the Fugawi methods to import BSB chanrts. Please ensure you have a backup installation file of Fugawi Global Navigator before installing this update. Due to licensing restrictions we can no longer distribute the Maptech SDK. If your charts are not longer supported in the current version we cannot provide an earlier version.

Supported Elevation Data:

  • Fugawi Elevation Files (FEL)
  • Shuttle Radar Topography (SRTM)
  • BIL
  • DTED
  • SDTS
  • Australian GRD 9 Second

System Requirements

  •     Microsoft® Windows® 7, Vista or XP SP3
  •     500 MHz processor or better
  •     512 MB RAM
  •     250 MB free on HD
  •     DVD drive
  •     256 color display capable of 1024 x 768 resolution or better (graphics accelerator recommended for 3D viewing)
  •     Mouse or other pointing device
  •     USB or Serial port for GPS receiver (Serial to USB Adaptor may be required, depending on GPS model).
  •     Software package does not contain GPS, cable, or handheld computer

GPS Reciever Requirements

  •     GPS receiver with NMEA 0183 output or compatible USB GPS.
  •     Supports waypoint, route, and track transfer with most Garmin®, Magellan®, Lowrance®, Humminbird, Silva/Brunton, Furuno, Raymarine, GEONAV and other models. (See GPS / Plotter compatibility table.)
  •     Supports route transfer with the Suunto X9 and X9i GPS wristwatches.
  •     Supports real-time navigation with above models plus any GPS with NMEA V2.1 or greater output. (Serial to USB Adaptor may be required.)
  •     Note: Fugawi Global Navigator can be used without GPS to plot and export positions to a text file, view maps and charts, and much more. * Requires suitable elevation or bathymetric data for your region.
  •     ** Included coverage may vary and data may not be available for all countries.

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