TRAK Maps - Ontario Lakes

Colour raster charts of select fishing lakes of Ontario

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Included lakes: Calabogie, Big Gull West, Eagle, Black, White, Bobs and Crow, Three Mile, Devil, Skeleton, Wolfe, Otty, Loughborough, Charleston, Kenessis, Kahshe, Boshkung and Twelve Mile, Kawagama, Kashagawigamog, Christie, Haliburton, Gull, Mississippi, Redstone, Black and Pike, Six Mile, Jack, Sharbot, Canoe, Buck, Desert, Lac Seul NW, Lac Seul SW, Lac Seul SE, Lac Seul NE, Wabigoon Dinorwic, Mazinaw, Manitouwabing, Lac des Mille Lacs, Manitou 1, Manitou 2

These digital raster charts are for use with Windows®, Mac OS X®, iOS®, or Android software including:


How to download these charts

  1. If necessary, purchase and install / update to the latest version of compatible software (listed above).
  2. Purchase this chart subscription into your X-Traverse account using any up-to-date web browser on any computer or device.
  3. Download the charts inside the compatible software, as per the instructions in the software-specific sections below:



» Fugawi Marine 5: Click File | Settings | Connections tab and enter your X-Traverse E-mail and case-sensitive Password. Click OK to save.
Click Charts | Download X-Traverse Charts. Select this Trak Maps chart title and click OK. A one-time chart optimizing process takes a few minutes.
Click Charts | Open Chart | X-Traverse | Trak Maps{chart title} to select individual charts for viewing.


» Fugawi 4.5: Click Maps | Manage X-Traverse Maps; login if prompted. Tap on this Trak Maps chart title and click Activate.
From Maps | Open Maps | Fugawi X-Traverse Maps | Trak Maps {chart title} download any or all the charts listed.


» MacENC and GPSNavX on Mac OS X:

  1. From download the X-Traverse app for Mac. This is a free utility in a compressed download file.
  2. Click to open the X-Traverse DMG file. Drag the X-Traverse app within over to the Finder's Applications folder.
  3. Click the X-Traverse app to launch it.
    Help-note: If using Mac OS X 10.8 or 10.9 may need to press the Control key on your keyboard when clicking X-Traverse; in the context menu that appears, select Open.
  4. If prompted to choose your charting viewer / application, select whichever you have: MacENC or GPSNavX.
  5. Click Account and enter your X-Traverse account's Email and Password. Click Save.
  6. Click the Activate Products button and select this Trak Maps chart title from the drop-down list of chart subscriptions.
  7. Browse to and select a unique folder on the hard drive (create a new folder if necessary) to save only this chart collection into. Click the Activate button.
  8. Chart files will download one by one. If any download errors are listed, run the X-Traverse app again and try the chart download again. Only failed file downloads will be re-tried.
  9. Open MacENC or GPSNavX and set the Chart Manager to the folder containing charts.
    In MacENC click File | Chart Manager | Add Chart Folder... and point to the folder.
  10. Start using the charts, enjoy.



» iNavX on iPhone / iPad:

  1. On the iNavX app's main page, tap Add more charts to menu.
  2. Tap the Account button. Enter your X-Traverse account's Email and case sensitive Password; you may test the validity of the email / password combination with a press of Show Account Information. Tap the Save button to return to the "Add more..." list of chart vendors.
  3. A few items down the list, tap Trak Maps. If prompted to automatically detect charts, tap Yes and let iNavX retrieve all your subscribed chart titles. Otherwise, tap No and manually set this chart title to 1 (on, enabled); the tap Save and Done.
  4. Back on the main iNavX screen, tap on this Trak Maps chart title.
  5. Tap Update Chart List. (If you do not see the update option, cancel out of any chart name search text box that may be hiding it.) Then respond Yes to the prompts confirming updating and activating.
    • Help-note 1: If your chart subscription is expired a general message will invite you to upgrade or buy the subscription again. Contact if you need to confirm the status of your chart updater subscription.
    • Help-note 2: If a "...forbidden..." error appears, it most likely means your email and/or password are not correctly entered in Account.
    • Help-note 3: The error "... no response..." means a better Internet connection is needed. Power off and then power back up the iOS device to establish a fresh Internet connection. Try downloading the charts again.
  6. From the presented list of individual chart names, tap on those you wish to download. Tap the red Yes button to download just a single chart or tap the "all" button to download all charts in one large batch (which may take a few minutes).
    • Help-note 4: If an "...invalid import..." error occurs, one possible fix is to turn off 3G cellular Internet connectivity and use quality Wi-Fi for the next download attempt. Otherwise, contact for other suggestions.
    • Help-note 5: Chart list filtering icons are in the upper-right corner; the Magnifying Glass icon makes the full list visible instead of hiding charts.
    • Help-note 6: The Settings icon at the upper-right corner of any chart contains the option for Pos Icon Loc (position icon at location). This may be set to NONE to ensure the selected chart remains visible instead of auto-jumping to another chart at your current GPS position. But while you are actively navigating, set this to CTR (center at GPS).



» PathAway for Android:

  1. In PathAway's main menu tap Maps | Import | X-Traverse Maps. If prompted to login, change from the PathAway account to X-Traverse account and enter your Email and Password login information.
  2. From the drop-down list of chart collections, select this Trak Maps subscription. Then tap the Activate Product option and answer Yes to the confirmation prompt.
  3. From the fetched list of individual charts, select any one of them. A pop-up dialog appears: tap the Download Map option. You may also tap the Select button in the lower left corner and that lets you check-mark, along the right-hand edge, as many individual charts as you wish to be fetched when you tap the Download button.
  4. A check mark appears beside the name of any downloaded chart. Tap that chart name then tap Show to view it.
  5. Later, you may view all downloaded charts through the main menu | Maps | Custom Maps.



Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: If I change my device or computer, can I get these charts again on the replacement hardware?
A: Assuming at least one chart subscription is within licensed time range, contact for advice on how to download to the replacement device or computer. There is no means of making a device-to-device direct transfer of chart files and restoring from an external backup drive or cloud backup service will not be successful either.

Q: Can I move Waypoints and Routes placed on a chart between different software such as Fugawi Marine 5, iNavX, and others?
A: Yes. Your X-Traverse Data Account allows you to easily transfer waypoints and tracks between Fugawi on the PC or GPSNavX / MacENC on the Mac and iNavX on the iOS device via Internet connection. For example, you may plan your route comfortably in Fugawi and upload the waypoints to iNavX - using the exact same charts on both your computer and mobile device.

Q: How can I get more help?
A: For iNavX related questions, examine the Help explanations at or email
For PathAway Android questions beyond chart downloading, post to the PathAway Android support forum at
Email for expert support on chart purchase advice, download help, and accessories suggestions.