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Sample CHS raster chart displayed on iNavX app on iPad and iPhone

These official Canadian Hydrographic Service raster charts are digital downloads granting downloads to 2 target devices with compatible apps. CHS charts are updated approximately every month for high traffic water areas, while other charts areas may be updated a few times per year. This purchase uses the web service to facilitate encrypted copy-protected chart file downloads directly into a compatible app. The exclusive group of approved compatible software is:

  • iNavX™ app for iPad™ and iPhone™ with iOS 8 or higher
  • iNavX™ app for Android™ tablets & smartphones
  • PathAway Pro™ for Android™ tablets & smartphones

Fugawi prepared CHS charts available only in this Fugawi store;
no in-app purchase option available – so get your CHS here!

  • OpenCPN for Windows, MacOS, more
  • GPSNavX™ for MacOS via Mac App Store
  • MacENC™ for MacOS 10.8 or higher
  • Fugawi Marine 5(retired software)
  • Fugawi Marine ENC 4.5(retired software)
  • Fugawi Global Navigator(retired software)


Compatibility notes: This Fugawi prepared / optimized CHS chart collection is definitely not compatible with third party software beyond the apps listed above. This purchase is distinct and separate from any CHS products (new or old) bought from other vendors, or old Digital Ocean DVDs.

How to download and view these CHS charts

  1. If necessary, purchase compatible software (listed above) and update it to the most current version.
  2. Purchase (or renew) this chart subscription into your account using any up-to-date web browser on any computer or mobile device.
  3. Download the charts inside the compatible software, as per the instructions in the software-specific sections below:


OpenCPN for Windows, MacOS, Linux, and Android devices...

Detailed illustrated instructions in separate tab to right ► ► ►


iNavX 5 for iPhone and iPad

  1. Starting on any chart screen (ex. World Chart), tap the menu Charts | Account. (or, equivalently, More... tab | Account)
  2. Enter your account's Email + Password; tap Login. If the login ID was correctly entered, a success dialog appears; tap OK.
  3. On the My Charts tab, select this CHS chart title.
    Note: Ignore the Store tab and the MoreRestore Purchases option; neither apply in this context.
  4. Tap Download Chart List; answer Yes to the prompts.
    Note: After the first download, this option becomes Refresh Chart List. Tap the refresh option to clear away all charts and then proceed to download any revised chart file version that may be available.
  5. Select any desired chart name; answer Yes to the download prompt.
    (Or tap the Yes, All of CHS... for all batch download of all the charts in this collection.)

In the future, go to this CHS collection's chart list and tap on any chart title shown in bold characters. Any regular font titles have yet to be downloaded.


iNavX 1.x for Android tablets and smartphones

  1. From any chart screen (ex. world map), select the More ( ... ) options tab (lower right corner) and tap Account.
  2. Enter your account's Email + Password; then tap the Login button.
  3. You will be returned to a list of waypoints and routes (if any) stored on your account. Get back to the iNavX home screen by pressing the Back    hardware button.
  4. Tap the Charts button on the bottom-center of the home screen.
  5. From the list of chart vendors, select CHS and then pick this product title.
  6. When prompted to activate the subscription for chart downloads, tap Yes.
  7. A list of charts is presented. Tap on any desired single chart name. A download progress circle completes with a check mark. Tap the chart item again to view it.


MacENC and GPSNavX -- via NavX downloader app for MacOS

Downloading charts is done with a free helper app. Try the quick instructions below but if you encounter issues, consult the detailed instructions further below.


Quick summary:

Download the NavX app installer posted on the Download link at Install and run NavX. Click the Account button and enter your email + password. Click Activate Products to specify your charting software and then pick a compatible chart title for download. When prompted, browse to a download destination folder. Click Activate to download the charts files. Start up your charting software and point its chart manager at the download folder.


Download instructions in detail + troubleshooting notes:

  1. From click the NavX Download link. A DMG (disk image) file saves to the Mac's desktop or downloads folder. 
  2. Click the navx.dmg to mount and open it. Then click the NavX package to install the app, accepting all the defaults of the installer.

    The two steps above are done only the first time you download any based charts. After this, you always use the steps below for both new chart downloads as well as updating the chart files with revised data.
  3. In the Mac's Finder, click Applications | NavX.
  4. Click the Account button and enter your account's Email and Password.
  5. Click the Activate Products button.
  6. When prompted for your charting software, select MacENC or GPSNavX, which ever one you have.
  7. From the Products drop-down list, select this CHS title and click the Activate button.
  8. Select a folder on the hard drive (preferably under Documents | Charts) into which the chart files are to be saved.
    • Usage tip: As you browse down nested hard drive folders, use slow single clicks to navigate the folder structure; a fast double-click will force the app to select a folder you may not have intended.
    • Another tip: Before committing to a target folder to hold the chart files, you may temporarily use Finder to navigate to Documents, click File | New Folder, name the folder as you like.
    • Important: Do not select a folder already containing a different chart collection's files. The CHS collection of files must be in its own unique folder -- unless you are updating this very same CHS collection, in which case answer Yes to the confirmation prompt for replacing existing files.
  9. Confirm the activation of this product.
    • Note: Activating the chart files to this single computer means simply copy / paste of files to other computers will never allow success use of the charts on that other computer.
  10. NavX lists each chart file as they download, one by one. If any download errors are listed, run the NavX app again for a re-try of only those files that failed.
  11. In the Finder, click Applications | MacENC or click GPSNavX.
  12. In MacENC, click File | Chart Manager | Add Chart Folder... and browse to the download folder containing the charts.
    For GPSNavX, the final steps are similar except chart management is done under the Preferences menu.


Fugawi Marine 5

For first time setup, click the menu File | Settings | Connections tab. Enter your E-mail and case-sensitive Password. Click OK to save.

Click Charts | Download X-Traverse Charts. Select this CHS chart title and click OK. A one-time chart optimizing process takes a few minutes.

Click Charts | Open Chart | X-Traverse | CHS {chart title} to select individual charts for viewing; or if Fugawi Marine 5 has quilted together these raster charts, select the top-most "all charts" entry to view the quilted CHS charts.


Fugawi 4.5

Click Maps | Manage X-Traverse Maps; login if prompted with your Email and Password.

From the list of chart subscriptions select this CHS chart title and click Activate.

Click Maps | Open Maps | Fugawi X-Traverse Maps | CHS {chart title}.

Click on any chart name to download or right-click and select to download all charts in the collection.


PathAway Pro (version or higher) for Android devices

  1. In PathAway Pro, tap the main menu | Maps | Import | Fugawi/X-Traverse Maps
    If prompted to login, change from the PathAway account to Fugawi/X-Traverse, enter your Email and Password login information (same as your login) and then tap Login.
  2. After a pause for downloading subscription titles, examine the drop-down list and select this CHS product title. 
    Tip: If No Maps is the only drop-down list item, it may help to do this: tap on the main menu | Settings | My Accounts; tap Logout, re-select Fugawi/X-Traverse as the service, re-enter your account Email +Password, and tap Login. Finally, return to Maps | Import and refresh the drop-down list.
  3. Tap the Activate Product option and answer Yes to the confirmation prompt.
  4. From the fetched list of individual charts, select one.
    Tip: To multi-select, tap the Select button in the lower left corner; then check mark along the right-hand edge all individual charts to be downloaded.
  5. A pop-up dialog appears; tap the Download Map option.

In the future, view any chart by tapping Maps | Custom Maps, select any chart name with a check mark beside it and, from the pop-up dialog, tap Show.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I change my device or computer, can I get these charts again on the replacement hardware?
A: Assuming at least one chart subscription is within licensed time range, contact for advice on how to download to the replacement device or computer. There is no means of making a device-to-device direct transfer of chart files and restoring from an external backup drive or from cloud backup service will not be successful either.

Q: When a chart subscription ends, what happens to the chart files already downloaded?
A: Anything you have downloaded in the past remains accessible and viewable, assuming no memory reset or hard drive reformat is done. However, the end of a chart subscription means the end of the ability to (a) get monthly chart content updates, and (b) get urgent re-download / restorations of chart files in case of memory loss.

Q: Are the Fugawi prepared CHS charts able to download / display in any raster chart compatible software?
A: For the sake of an easy purchase and download, Fugawi has specially prepared and encrypted CHS chart collections optimized for use in specific tested and approved software (re: iNavX, MacENC, GPSNavX, Global Navigator, Fugawi Marine 5PathAway Pro). After entering your login email + password into those apps of downloader assistant apps, getting CHS charts is simple and intuitive. Consult Fugawi about anything to do with using CHS charts purchased via in these apps.
Other non-approved / incompatible software will not detect the web services, will not be able to download the files and app specific file encryption would not allow viewing within incompatible software. However, various dealers re-sell access to the CHS digital download portal for file downloads suitable for different software not included on Fugawi's approved list of compatible apps. And other software companies may offer support for importing CHS raster charts into their software. So if you need to use CHS charts on software not supported by Fugawi's download service, consult the dealers, the CHS, and software vendors for assistance.

Q: Since these charts are Official, do I still need to carry paper charts on my vessel?
A: Yes. While the CHS charts are official and updated raster copies of the paper maps, the systems used to distribute and display the charts are not ECDIS approved. Ensure you are familiar with the Canada Shipping Act and the Charts and nautical Publications Regulations. Also ensure you are familiar with relevant Notices to Mariners and Sailing Directions, which may provide supplementary information to the chart.

Q: If charts are removed or updated, do waypoints, routes, or tracks get deleted along with the chart?
A: No. User generated waypoints, routes, and tracks reside in a different memory space than charts and are not linked directly to the chart graphics in any way.

Q: How can I get more help?
For iNavX related questions, examine the Help explanations at or email for the iOS version of iNavX, and for the Android version of iNavX.
For PathAway Android questions beyond chart downloading, post to the PathAway Android support forum at
For MacENC support issues aside from downloading / updating charts, see the help resources at
Email for expert support all Fugawi 4.5 and 5 software issue, pluse chart purchase advice, weather and data overlay services, download help, and hardware accessories suggestions.


End User License Agreement (EULA)

The following terms are in addition to the standard (formerly Terms of Service. These charts are:

  • compatible only with current editions of iNavX software on iPad and iPhone, for iNavX on Android, PathAway Pro on Android devices, for Fugawi Global Navigator 4.5, Fugawi Marine ENC 4.5, and Fugawi Marine 5 software for Windows, and GPSNavX or MacENC software for MacOS;
  • available for activation on any two devices listed above;
  • downloaded directly to your software on your computing device, via the internet with no implied promise of data stored on media such as DVD disc or otherwise;
  • available for an arbitrary number of downloads onto the two devices on which they were first activated for up to two (2) years.

By purchasing or using these charts, you also agree that you have read and understand the following:

WARNING - This electronic chart is an aid to navigation designed to facilitate the use of authorized government charts, not to replace them. Only official government charts and notices to mariners contain all of the current information needed for the safety of navigation, and the captain is responsible for their prudent use.



NOTICE TO USERS: Please read the End User Licence Agreement for the enclosed CHS Digital Nautical Product carefully.

This is an End User Licence Agreement between you and the Crown for the enclosed CHS Digital Nautical Product.


"Backup" means one copy of the Product installed on the same or another device owned by you, as set out in clause 2.1(a) of this Agreement

"CHS Digital Nautical Product" or "Product" means the enclosed product containing raster (BSB) or vector (S57 ENC) charts, including any associated software, hardware, media, printed materials, and "online" or electronic documentation.

“Crown's Data” means Data of which the Intellectual Property Rights rests with the Crown.

“Crown's Licensed Intellectual Property” means Data where intellectual property licences have been conferred upon the Crown by third parties for the use of that Data.

“Data” means any expressed data, fixed in a form giving rise to Intellectual Property Rights.

“End User(s)” means any individual, corporation or organization to whom CHS directly or indirectly distributes and grants a licence for use of the Product. End Users do not have the right to re-distribute, sell, grant sub-licences to, nor use the CHS Digital Nautical Product, in whole or in part, to develop new products.

“EULA” means this End User Licence Agreement.

“Intellectual Property Rights” means any and all intellectual property rights recognized by the law, including but not limited to intellectual property rights protected through legislation.

"Update" or "Product Update" means updates to the Product which may consist of a new chart, a new edition of a chart, or an electronic file, in CHS's sole discretion, as set out in clause 5.0 of this Agreement.


2.1 In consideration of your payment and subject to this EULA, you are granted a non-exclusive, non-assignable and non-transferable licence to use the Product for personal use, subject to the terms and conditions set out below:

(a) This licence is for the installation and use of the Product by you on your own primary device, plus installation of one backup on the same or another device owned by you.

This licence is not a licence for multiple, non-concurrent or concurrent network users/workstations; for such uses, a site licence is required directly from CHS.

(b) You shall not, nor allow nor direct any person to:

(i) Disassemble, decompile or in any way attempt to reverse engineer software associated with the Product;

(ii) Extract, adapt or use any part of the Product to develop or derive any other product for distribution or commercial purposes or for the provision of any navigational information service without a separate licence from CHS to do so;

(iii) Copy, publish, communicate or redistribute the Product or any part of the Product, except one backup as set out in clause 2.1(a) above; or

(iv) Sell, rent, lease, lend, sublicense or transfer to any other individual or organization the Product for any purpose whatsoever.


3.1 All title and Intellectual Property Rights in and to the Product shall at all times remain the property of the Crown.

3.2 All title and Intellectual Property Rights in and to Data which is not the Crown's Data ("Crown's Licensed Intellectual Property") are the property of the respective content owners and may be protected by copyright, other intellectual property laws, common law or international treaties.

3.3 At any time while this agreement is in effect or after the expiry or termination of this Agreement, you agree not to use or adopt any trade mark, trade name, trading style or commercial designation that includes or is similar to or may be mistaken for the whole or any part of any trade mark, official mark, logo or domain name used by CHS or the Crown, unless with the prior written consent of CHS.

3.4 This is a licence to use the Product as supplied, and is not a sale or assignment of any, or all, of the rights of the Crown thereto.

3.5 In the event your intended use(s) of the Product falls outside the scope of this Agreement, you agree to request written authorization from CHS, prior to such use.


4.1 The Crown does not make any representation or warranty of any kind with respect to the accuracy, usefulness, novelty, validity, scope, completeness or currency of the Product; and the Crown expressly disclaims any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose of the Product.

4.2 The Crown does not ensure or warrant compatibility with past, current or future versions of operating systems to access the Product.

4.3 The Crown assumes no obligation or liability whatsoever for the provision of updates to the Product or the provision of notices in relation to the Product or for the failure to do so.

4.4 In no event shall the Crown or its employees, contractors or its agents be liable, whether by way of any suit or action or other, for any loss, liability, damage or cost that you may suffer or incur at any time, by reason of your possession or use of the Product or arising out of the exercise of your rights under this Agreement.

4.5 You shall indemnify the Crown and its employees, contractors and agents from and against and be responsible for all claims whatsoever alleging loss, costs, including solicitor and client costs, expenses, damages or injuries including injuries resulting in death, actions, suits, or proceedings, by whomsoever made, brought, and prosecuted, in any manner arising out of your possession or use of the Product or from your exercise of your rights under this Agreement.

4.6 Your obligation to indemnify the Crown under this Agreement shall not affect or prejudice the Crown from exercising any other rights under law.

4.7 GPS Navigational Disclaimer. All Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers are subject to positional error, malfunction, and failure. Prudent mariners do not rely on a single aid to navigation. Although every effort has been made to make the CHS Digital Nautical Product as accurate as possible, the location of geographic features may not coincide with positions obtained when using GPS. Differences between charted information and present conditions may be caused by the level of accuracy of the original survey and natural or man-made changes since the date of survey.

4.8 Datum Shift Note. All chart data are produced with the appropriate NAD83 datum shifts applied. Therefore when viewing a chart referenced to a geodetic datum other than NAD83, the geographic grid or border location may not agree with the cursor or vessel's GPS position. To display your vessel's position correctly on the Digital Nautical Product, the geographic position provided by the GPS receiver must be referenced to NAD83. Please ensure the datum for your GPS receiver is set to NAD83.


5.1 You are required to register your Product, within 30 days of purchase with regard to installation on your primary device, and during the term of this Licence with regard to your backup device. CHS reserves the right to require proof of purchase prior to registration.

5.2 The Products are produced once a year as a new edition and updates are issued from time to time during that edition year.

5.3 You are responsible for obtaining information about any necessary updates to your Product, by monitoring the Notices to Mariners system at

5.4 You are entitled to receive free updates from CHS to the end of the licence period. The updates may consist of a new chart, a new edition of a chart, or an electronic file, in CHS's sole discretion.

5.5 For information on registration of your Product, the frequency of updates for your Product, or how to obtain updates for your Product, see

5.6 For safety reasons, outdated versions of the Products should NOT be used for navigational purposes.

6.0 TERM

6.1 This EULA is effective for two years from the date of purchase of the Product.


7.1 This EULA may be terminated automatically and without notice, if you commit or permit a breach of any of your covenants or obligations under this Agreement.

7.2 Upon the termination of the Agreement, for whatever reason:

(a) Clauses 4.4 and 4.5 shall survive;

(b) Your rights under clause 2.0 shall immediately cease; and

(c) You shall destroy the Product as well as any backup copies made thereof.


8.1 This EULA shall be construed and enforced in accordance with, and the rights of the parties shall be governed by, the laws of the province in which the Product was purchased, and of Canada; or if the Product was purchased outside Canada, then by the laws of Ontario and of Canada.

8.2 If a dispute arises between the parties concerning this Agreement, the parties shall attempt to resolve the matter by negotiation, mediation or arbitration in accordance with the federal Commercial Arbitration Act.

8.3 Any notices or other communications under this EULA shall be in writing and shall be addressed to:

Canadian Hydrographic Service
200 Kent St
Station 12W090
Ottawa ON  K1A 0E6

8.4 This EULA constitutes the entire agreement between the parties with respect to its subject matter. This EULA may only be amended in writing, signed by both parties, which expressly states the intention to amend this EULA.


9.1 Any use whatsoever of this product shall constitute your acknowledgement of and agreement to adhere to all of the terms and conditions herein.

MacENC and GPSNavX

  1. From click the NavX Download link. A DMG (disk image) file saves to the Mac's desktop or downloads folder. 
  2. Click the navx.dmg to mount and open it. Then click the NavX package to install the app, accepting all the defaults of the installer.

  3. In the Mac's Finder, click Applications | NavX.

  4. In NavX, click the Account button and enter your account's Email and Password. Click Save.

  5. Click the Activate Products... button.

  6. When prompted to indicate your charting software, select MacENC or GPSNavX -- which ever one you have.
  7. From the Product drop-down list, select a desried chart title. Then click the Activate button.

  8. Select a folder on the hard drive (preferably under Documents | Charts or similar) into which the chart files are to be saved.

    • Tip #1: As you browse down nested hard drive folders, use slow single clicks to navigate the folder structure; a fast double-click will force the app to select a folder you may not have intended.
    • Tip #2: Before committing to a target folder to hold the chart files, you may temporarily use Finder to navigate to Documents, click File | New Folder, name the folder as you like.
    • Important: Do not select a folder already containing a different chart collection's files. This CHS collection of files must be in its own unique folder -- unless you are updating this very same nv charts collection, in which case answer Yes to the confirmation prompt for replacing existing files.
  9. Confirm the activation of this product.

    • Note: Activating the chart files to this single computer means they are copy protected. Therefore, a simple copy / paste of files to a different computer will never allow successful use of the charts on that other computer.
  10. NavX lists each chart file as they download, one by one. If any download errors are listed, run the NavX app again and try the chart download again. Only failed file downloads will be attempted again.
  11. In the Finder, click Applications | MacENC or GPSNavX -- which ever one applies.
  12. In MacENC, click File | Chart Manager | Add Chart Folder... and browse to the download folder containing the charts.
    For GPSNavX, the final steps are similar except chart management is done under the Preferences menu.

OpenCPN for Windows, MacOS, Linux
(see notes for OpenCPN for Android at the bottom of this page)

Adapt the instructions below for your operating system. Slight differences are present in how to download charts in Windows vs. MacOS vs Linux

  1. If necessary, update OpenCPN to at least verison, 4.8.4 being the required minimum version.

  2. Download the Fugawi plugin from the OpenCPN plugins page at:

  3. Install the Fugawi plugin, clicking Continue and accepting default install options.

    Tip #1: On MacOS, press the Apple command key while right-clicking the Fugawi plugin package / installer; and from the right-click context menu, select Open. This should avoid MacOS Gatekeeper from disabling this web downloaded app.
    Tip #2: On Windows, a typical anti-malware security utility may need to be adjusted to un-quarantine the plugin installer and/or permit installation of the plugin. Consult the security utility's Help resources for more information.
    Tip #3: On Linux systems, a get-app command line may be needed for installation. See the generalized Linux plugin help page.

  4. Launch OpenCPN.

  5. Find the Plugins section...

    • Windows OpenCPN full menu path is ToolsOptions | Plugins (or click the Options toolbar icon).

    • MacOS OpenCPN menu is OpenCPN | Preferences | Plugins

      OpenCPN Plugin for Fugawi

  6. Select the Fugawi plugin from the list of all plugins and click the Enable button.
    The button changes to Disable in case you need to do OpenCPN plugin troubleshooting in the future.

  7. Click the Charts section and select the Fugawi Charts tab.

    Fugawi Charts tab of OpenCPN tools charts menu

  8. Click the Refresh Chart List button.

  9. When prompted, login with your email + password and click OK.

  10. A list of all chart subscriptions appears, both new / unactivated and previously downloaded. Select a desired chart subscription sub-titled as Status: Ready for Activation Request.

  11. Click the Activate Selected Chartset button.

  12. Answer Yes to the prompt confirming activation. Click OK after the activation succeeds.

  13. Click the Install Selected Chartset button.

  14. When prompted, browse to and select any folder on your hard drive used as a general repository of charts. Your hard drive's folder path names will vary.
    The browsing dialog has an option to create a new parent folder for all your charts, if you need it.

    In the example illustration below, a Windows computer has a general folder for all OpenCPN charts and, beneath it, a few sub-folders of various chartsets. In Windows OpenCPN, the OpenCPN charts parent folder is selected with a click of the Select Folder button; on MacOS OpenCPN the selection is completed with the Open button.


  15. Wait as the chart files download. Click OK when complete.

  16. From the Chart Files tab, select the folder containing the downloaded chart files. The folders are automatically named according to the Fugawi product code -- which you should not edit. However, you may nest a given Fugawi chart folder under another sub-folder with an appropriate name describing the geographic area of the chart product. 

  17. Click Apply. The various charts in the chartset are analyzed by OpenCPN and prepared for a mutli-scale quilted view. This usually takes several seconds, possibly longer depending on the number of chart files,

  18. The world base map view represents the new collection of charts with thin red boundaries rectangles / polygons. Pan and zoom as necessary to view the quilted charts at a desirable scale. See the section below for tips on how to get the best view of the charts.


Basics about viewing the charts

An initial chart chosen by OpenCPN appears: it may be a world basemap or a previously viewed chart. Zoom in / out, pan around as desired. If the initial view is red outline rectangles only, use the menu Shift to Smaller Scale Chart (also invoked by the F8 function key) to see the actual chart graphics.

Tip #4 : Depending a chartset's properties, you may find it helpful to increase or decrease how soon a fine detailed local scale chart visually emerges out of a larger area yet lower detail chart. Do this in Tools (Preferences in MacOS) | Display | Advanced | Chart Zoom / Scale Weighting. Or simply press the keyboard letter D to bring the slider control over the current chart. Experiment with the slider setting for each chartset to get what you perceive as the best balance of clarity versus density of chart objects.
OpenCPN display advanced settings for chart viewing, particularly scale weighting

Tip #5: The "Chart Piano" control (keyboard toggle: CTRL + B or Apple-logo + B), a thin horizontal strip of buttons representing individual charts along the lower border of screen, may be used for:

  • Click selecting a single chart out of the larger collection, with the single chart centered by default.
  • Mouse hovering over a button to examine the corresponding chart's informaton: drive storage path, scale ratio, projection 


OpenCPN for Android

The look and operational features of OpenCPN are remarkably similar across the platforms of Android and computer-based OpenCPN installations. However, installing both the OpenCPN software and the Fugawi Charts plugin is line with all typical apps from the Google Play Store. Take note of these points:

  • The authentic OpenCPN for Android in the Google Play Store has author name "Dave Register" and has a modest price for purchase. Buy and install this first using the Play Store app on your Android device.
    Additional notes:
    • Fugawi technical support does not provide a walk-through on the basic consumer topic of buying and installing apps. Google has generalized Help references on buying and installing apps.
    • You may perform a side-install from a computer via USB cable but this is generally more complicated, so we recommend using the standard Google Play mechanism for buying, and downloading / installing the app.
    • Do not install free OpenCPN variants for Android because these are not compatible with the Fugawi Charts Plugin.
  • The Fugawi Charts Plugin for OpenCPN in the Google Play Store also has author name "Dave Register" and it is free. Install this companion app using the Play Store utility on your Android devce. The sequence is:
    1. In the Play Store's search box, enter the phrase "Fugawi Charts plugin" and examine the appropriate search result.
    2. On the Fugawi Charts Plugin store page, tap Install.
    3. Tap confirm what resources the plugin app has access to within your device.
    4. If prompted for payment information or a redeem code, tap Skip.
    5. Wait as the download / install proceeds.
    6. Tap Open.
    7. In the app that launches, tap Install Fugawi Charts Plugin.
    8. After several seconds, OpenCPN is launched with the plugin included. Just like OpenCPN on a computer, enter the Options menu | Plugins, find the Fugawi Charts plugin row and tap the Enable button.
      Tip: On a typical Android smartphone, the Plugins section may be hidden behind and to the right of other software controls and tabs. If you rotate the screen to wide landscape mode, the Plugins should become visible.

The remainder of instructions for downloading charts are the same as for a desktop OpenCPN experience, see above.

► For OpenCPN related questions, study the documentation manuals and/or OpenCPN forums.

► For help with chart selection, purchasing process, and downloads contact However, it is outside Fugawi's scope of support to offer assistance with OpenCPN display preferences, tool use, data transfers, hardware interfacing, regular navigation and planning operations of the software, etc.