Explorer Chartbooks - Bahamas

Quilted charts of Exumas, Ragged Islands, Far Bahamas, Turks & Caicos, and Near Bahamas

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About Explorer Chartbooks Bahamas

The Explorer Team has consistently provided the best navigational charts and cruising guide information with superior research, more data, and greater accuracy than any other source for cruising in the Bahamas.

To provide for your navigational needs, Explorer Chartbooks include:

  • Up-to-date large-scale and small-scale charts
  • Accurate data
  • Beautiful intuitive colors
  • Harbour closeup charts
  • Topographical features with shoreside facilities, landmarks, roads, and elevation contours
  • Extensive spot soundings

This chart collection displays in two modes depending on your software: 

  • For iNavX on iOS or Android ⇒ Quilted chart presentation:
    While connected to the Internet, pan and zoom within the coverage area to download chart graphics at a given scale. Anything downloaded and viewed is saved for later offline use. Because the Explorer Chartbooks in iNavX are shown as a single contiguous view, there is no need to memorize and look up adjacent chart numbers; and the next area and scale of chart slides into place as your boat's GPS position changes.
  • For GPSNavX, MacENC, PathAway Pro, Fugawi Marine 5, Fugawi 4.5, and OpenCPN (coming soon early 2018) ⇒ Individual raster chart presentation:
    Download the entire list of individual Explorer Chartbooks Bahamas chart files. Download once -- no need for another Internet connection later. Pick individual charts for viewing. Some software has adjacent chart auto-loading or a fast means of quilting adjacent charts so you do not have to worry over crossing boundaries from what chart to another.


About the download subscription and license flexibility

Each purchase of this Explorer Chartbooks Bahamas product is a 365 day subscription providing the ability to download the charts, to update the chart collection with revisions, and restore chart files to a computer when those files were erased. One purchase of Explorer Chartbooks Bahamas entitles you to download its charts to 2 target devices / computers with compatible navigation software installed. If you replace a device / computer and exceed the regular limit of 2, contact charts@fugawi.com to request a reset of subscription, allowing the charts to download to the replacement unit. Fugawi


How to download to compatible navigation software

Select the tab to the right corresponding to your software title. Follow the "How to Download" instruction steps there.

If you need additional clarification, use the email links provided to email any error code you may see, describe any problem or limitation encountered. Attach a screen capture if that helps illustrate the issue.

Tip: Read the instructions on one screen (ex. a large computer monitor) while carrying out the steps on the device where your software will be downloading the charts..

How to download / view as quilted charts in iNavX

An illustrated version of instructions is given in Fugawi knowledgebase article IX14138... best viewed on a computer montior while you tap away on the iOS device's screen. Else, follow these steps after having installed the most current iNavX app and having bought this product on Fugawi.com.

  1. Beginning on the iNavX world chart (or any chart screen), select the tab More (...) and then tap the Account menu.
    (On iNavX for iOS, the alternative path is in the upper-left corner Charts | Account.)
  2. Enter your Fugawi.com account's Email and case sensitive Password. Tap Login. A success prompt should follow.
  3. Under the menu ChartsMy Charts tab, select this Explorer Chartbooks - Bahamas title.
  4. Tap on the Quilted Charts text row near the top of the screen. Answer Yes to any prompt for activation.
  5. Initially, you may see a gray empty grid which may be centered on your current GPS position. Finger drag to pan around the screen, zoom in or out by gesturing with your thumb and forefinger: spread fingers apart to zoom in, pinch fingers together to zoom out. Zoom into areas outlined with red rectangles to see more detailed chart images, where available. After a brief wait, tiles of raster chart content download and display. Whatever charts at a given scale have downloaded get stored in memory for later offline use.

Additional notes on usage for iNavX

  • For iNavX on iOS, at least version 5.0.5 is required, but updating to whatever the most current version of iNavX is in App Store | Updates is recommended.
  • This chart collection is a seamless continuous "quilted" set of Bahamas ocean coastal waters built from individual raster charts. You will need an Internet connection to download a stream of chart tiles (chunks of chart data) for whatever areas you pan / zoom into. All charts at a given scale are cached in device memory so you can continue to use them offline. While at home, with a good Internet connection, download all chart areas at all scales you anticipate a need for. There is no option to batch download everything of a named area or other large pre-defined regions... simply download on-demand, fetch only the areas you actually need. When you are on a boat far away from Internet access, the charts will be there ready for viewing.
  • Any individual chart is represented by a thin red rectangle. To load / view an individual chart: tap the chart's red rectangle, select the chart title from the pop-over menu, and answer Yes to the download prompt. To return to the seamless chart: tap the back-arrow button to get to the main listing of charts; then, near the top of the list, tap Tiled Chart.
  • To clear the cache tap the "i" (information) button in the lower-right corner of the chart; then tap the action button in the upper-left corner and select Remove Chart.
  • Tip for chart planning usage on GPS enabled iOS devices: The Settings gear-wheel icon at the upper-right corner of any chart has an option for Pos Icon Loc (position icon at location). This may be set to NONE to ensure the currently viewed chart area remains visible instead of auto-jumping to another chart at your current GPS position. When you do need GPS actively showing your boat's movements over a chart, set Pos Icon Loc back to CTR (center).
  • If you need reliable GPS positioning data streaming into any model of iPhone or iPad (especially Wi-Fi only iPad models), we recommend investing in the Bad Elf GPS Pro.

MacENC and GPSNavX -- via NavX downloader app for MacOS

Downloading charts is done with a free helper app. Try the quick instructions below but if you encounter issues, consult the detailed instructions further below.


Quick summary:

Download the NavX app installer posted on the Download link at http://gpsnavx.com/navx-for-mac. Install and run NavX. Click the Account button and enter your Fugawi.com email + password. Click Activate Products to specify your charting software (MacENC or GPSNAVX) and then pick Explorer Chartbooks Bahamas for activation. When prompted, browse to a download destination folder. Click Activate to commence download. Start up your charting software and point its chart manager at the folder containing the just-downloaded chart files.


Download instructions in detail + troubleshooting notes:

  1. From http://gpsnavx.com/navx-for-mac click the NavX Download link. A DMG (disk image) file saves to the Mac's desktop or downloads folder. 
  2. Click the navx.dmg to mount and open it. Then click the NavX package to install the app, accepting all the defaults of the installer.

    The two steps above are done only the first time you download any Fugawi.com based charts. After this, you always use the steps below for both new chart downloads as well as updating the chart files with revised data.
  3. In the Mac's Finder, click Applications | NavX.
  4. Click the Account button and enter your Fugawi.com account's Email and Password.
  5. Click the Activate Products button.
  6. When prompted for your charting software, select MacENC or GPSNavX, which ever one you have.
  7. From the Products drop-down list, select this Explorer Charbooks Bahamas title and click the Activate button.
  8. Select a folder on the hard drive (preferably under Documents | Charts) into which the chart files are to be saved.
    • Usage tip: As you browse down nested hard drive folders, use slow single clicks to navigate the folder structure; a fast double-click will force the app to select a folder you may not have intended.
    • Another tip: Before committing to a target folder to hold the chart files, you may temporarily use Finder to navigate to Documents, click File | New Folder, name the folder as you like.
    • Important: Do not select a folder already containing a different chart collection's files. The Explorer Chartbooks Bahamas collection of files must be in its own unique folder -- unless you are updating this very same chart collection, in which case answer Yes to the confirmation prompt for replacing existing files.
  9. Confirm the activation and allow the download to begin.
    • Note: Activating the chart files to this single computer means simply copy / paste of files to other computers will never allow success use of the charts on that other computer.
  10. NavX lists each chart file as they download, one by one. If any download errors are listed, run the NavX app again for a re-try of only those files that failed.
  11. In the Finder, click Applications | MacENC or click GPSNavX.
  12. In MacENC, click File | Chart Manager | Add Chart Folder... and browse to the download folder containing the charts.
    For GPSNavX, the final steps are similar except chart management is done under the Preferences menu.

► For MacENC or GPSNavX related questions (i.e. not about downloading charts), study the Help resources on the respective web sites or email either support@macenc.com or support@gpsnavx.com


PathAway Pro (version or higher) for Android

  1. In PathAway Pro, tap the main menu | Maps | Import | Fugawi/X-Traverse Maps.
    If prompted to login, change from the PathAway account to Fugawi/X-Traverse, enter your Email and Password login information (same as your Fugawi.com login) and then tap Login.
  2. After a pause for downloading, examine the drop-down list and select this Explorer Chartbooks Bahamas product title.
    Tip: If No Maps is the only drop-down list item, it may help to do this: tap on the main menu | Settings | My Accounts; tap Logout, re-select Fugawi/X-Traverse as the service, re-enter your account Email and Password, tap Login. Finally, return to Maps | Import and refresh the drop-down list.
  3. Tap the Activate Product option and answer Yes to the confirmation prompt.
  4. From the fetched list of individual charts, select one.
    Tip: To multi-select, tap the Select button in the lower left corner; then check mark along the right-hand edge all individual charts to be downloaded.
  5. A pop-up dialog appears; tap the Download Map option.
Going forward, view any chart by tapping Maps | Custom Maps, select any chart name with a check mark beside it and, from the pop-up dialog, tap Show.

For PathAway Pro Android issues and questions beyond chart downloading via Fugawi.com service, post your question to the PathAway Android support forum at pathaway.com/forum.


Fugawi Marine 5

  1. For first time setup, click the menu File | Settings | Connections tab. Enter your Fugawi.com E-mail and case-sensitive Password. Click OK to save.
  2. Click Charts | Download X-Traverse Charts. Select this Explorer Chartbooks Bahamas product and click OK. A one-time chart optimizing process takes a few minutes.
  3. Click Charts | Open Chart | X-Traverse | Explorer Chartsbooks Bahamas {chart title} to select individual charts for viewing.
    Note: if Fugawi Marine 5 has automatically quilted together this chart collection, select the top-most "all charts" entry to view a seamlessly connected all-scales quilted version of these charts.

For help with this chart download, contact charts@fugawi.com. For questions about Fugawi Marine 5 interfacing with NMEA networks, detecting GPS devices, managing waypoints and routes, and other question outside of chart and weather forecast downloads, contact software@fugawi.com.


Fugawi 4.5

  1. Click Maps | Manage X-Traverse Maps; login if prompted with your Fugawi.com Email and Password.
  2. From the list of chart subscriptions select this nv charts product title and click Activate.
  3. Click Maps | Open Maps | Fugawi X-Traverse Maps | nv charts {chart title}.
  4. Click on any chart name to download or right-click and select to download all charts in the collection.

For support about the chart download process, contact charts@fugawi.com and specify use of either Fugawi Global Navigator 4.5 or Fugawi Marine ENC 4.5. For non-chart topics: email to software@fugawi.com.