Navionics+ UK, Scotland, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, France N (iPad)

Overview of coverage boundaries illustrated above. Coverage includes but is not limited to: ► all ocean coasts of United Kingdom and Ireland plus select inland rivers and lakes; ► Shetland Islands, North Sea oil fields, Scotland; ► portions of west Denmark and Germany; ► north coast of Brittany France, all of Netherlands and Belgium

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This award-winning Navionics® collection of both navigation charts and sonar bathymetry is optimized for use in the iNavX™ app for iPad™, iOS 7 or greater (iPhone version sold separately). Download once, use charts offline. Get chart revision updates via on-demand download, bonus backup to a secondary iPad, restoration re-downloads in case of memory resets, plus expert technical support. All of this with a 365 day subscription (non-recurring) purchase — including option to renew at unbeatable discounts. 



Feature highlights

  • Navionics charts in iNavX are bright, colorful, and intuitive to use via finger gestures.
  • Seamless charting: as your boat moves, the chart smoothly glides from one area to the next with no worrying over the name or number of an adjacent chart.
  • Accurate GPS current position shown as boat icon over chart along with projected travel path. 
  • Vector chart graphics cleanly re-draw with proportional fonts as you scale in and out.
  • Need to know what a chart symbol is? Simply tap it and all the information recorded for the marine object or area is reported in a pop-up box.
  • Sonar charts with 1 foot contour gradient let you visualize water bottom details, giving you hints about the nooks and crannies fish may be hiding in.

Coverage summary

  • See chart boundary illustration above for overview of coverage. Coverage includes but is not limited to:
  • all ocean coasts of United Kingdom, Scotland and Ireland plus select inland rivers and lakes
  • Shetland Islands, North Sea oil fields, portions of west Denmark and Germany, north coast of Brittany France
  • Netherlands and Belgium
  • Some overlapping coverage with west coast area of Navionics+ region 46 collection

Download instructions summary

In iNavX, tap the upper-left corner menu Charts | Account for one-time entry of email + password login.

On the Charts | My Charts tab, select this Navionics title.

Tap Download Chart List (or Refresh Chart List for subsequent chart updating) and answer Yes to the prompts.

From the list of chart regions, tap on those individual regions you need and answer Yes to the confirmation prompt.


» » » Select this web page's HOW TO DOWNLOAD tab for illustrated and more detailed step-by-step guidance, tips, advice « « «

Additional Assistance

  • The web site's support pages and the Official iNavX YouTube Channel have a wealth of resources concerning how to use iNavX's planning and navigation features, connecting iNavX to other sources of data, and more. 
  • For iNavX related questions email a detailed description or request to
  • For help from Fugawi chart, weather, and other data products, contact 
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Read these instructions on a computer monitor as you follow along, tap by tap, in the iNavX app on your iOS device

Quick summary: download charts within iNavX

 From any chart screen, tap the menu (upper-left corner) Charts | Account.

 Enter your account's email + case-sensitive password; tap Login.

 On the My Charts tab, select this subscribed Navionics chart title.

 Tap Download Chart List; answer Yes to the prompts.

 Select any desired chart region; answer Yes to the download prompt.

The detailed instructions below assume...

  • a few minutes of reasonable quality Internet connection, preferably via home based Wi-Fi
  • iNavX 5 was purchased / updated via the iTunes App Store
  • this chart subscription was purchased once granting 365 days of chart downloads / updates / restorations for two iPad units
  1. From a iNavX screen displaying the world chart or any brand name chart, tap the menu Charts in the upper-left corner and then Account.
    (Equivalently, you may select the More tab at the bottom of any chart, then Account.)
    iNavX 5 charts account menu selection from main world chart page

  2. Enter your account's Email and case sensitive Password
    Tip: a password without punctuation characters such as ~ @ # % & / etc. avoids potential problems. 
    Tap the Login button and OK to the success prompt.
    iNavX 5 account page for input of email and password
      Help note #1 - if you see the "Forbidden" error...

      When the Account page of NavX issues the "Forbidden" error, most likely you need to carefully re-enter the password correctly or create a new easier password. Tip: a reliable, handy password composed of only numbers (0-9) and case-sensitive letters (a-z / A-Z) may save you trouble.

  3. The screen refreshes and, by default, displays the My Charts tab. (You may ignore the Store tab in this context.)
    Find this subscribed Navionics title in the list and tap on it.
      Help note #2 - if this chart title not listed...

      Should your subscribed chart title not appear, go back to Account, log out, re-enter the Fugawi email + password, then login again. This should force the chart title to list under My Charts. Another way: slowly finger drag the "NOAA" gray colored title bar downwards for a few seconds, then release to refresh the screen.

  4. Tap Download Chart List.
    Answer Yes to the prompt for updating and Yes to activate the subscription to this one licensed iOS device.
      Help note #3 - Refresh = delete previous chart downloads...

      After activating the chart list, the top-most option changes to Refresh Chart List. Since refreshing deletes all old charts in memory, only refresh when the device has good Internet access. If a chart subscription is expired, no refresh is possible.

  5. From the presented list of named chart regions, tap any one region you wish to download.
    Note that chart region names may change from month to month, regions may be added or merged, the chart list is not fixed and permanent.
      Help note #4 - if chart list seems short, missing regions...

      Have the Magnifying Glass icon selected in the top-right corner to reveal the full list of all possible chart regions in the collection. (See illustration below.) The other filter options shorten the list but do not delete chart regions.

  6. Tap the red Yes button to download only the single selected chart region.

    A percentage indicator shows the progress of the download; the chart files are typically a few tens of Megabytes (MB) and so the usual completion time is under a minute or so. 
    Alternatively, tap the second button Yes, All Navionics... to download every chart region in the collection in one large batch taking several minutes. This is not recommended if you have a relatively slow Internet connection and/or the app reports error messages when trying to download charts.
      Help note #5 - if you see "invalid import" error...

      One possible fix is to (i)  turn off 3G/4G cellular Internet connectivity and use only quality Wi-Fi, preferably not Wi-Fi via virtual private networking or heavily firewalled connections or 4G-to-WiFi access points; and (ii)  tap Refresh Chart List to get a fresh start at downloading any regions in the collection, starting with whatever single region was problematic before.

  7. The vector chart may first display in overview showing only land outlines and coverage area rectangles. Zoom in (spread thumb and forefinger open) on areas bounded by the thin red rectangles. When sufficiently zoomed in on an area of coverage you will see depth soundings, markers, buoys, etc. Sometimes an adjacent chart region may have more detail in a given spot than the region currently examined.

  • Help-note #6: To prevent the chart from leaping away to your current GPS position (which may be blank, outside the chart's boundaries) tap the Settings icon in the upper-right corner. Configure the option Pos Icon Loc (position icon at location) to None, which removes the boat icon and auto-centering on GPS location. But when you go back to actively navigating, set this to CTR (center at GPS) to see the boat icon.

  • Help-note #7: If this chart subscription is expired, the app will be unable to update the charts or re-download them after a device memory reset. You may renew the chart subscription at a reduced price depending on current available discounts and promotions. Or contact for consultation on the status of your subscriptions.

Q: Can I use this same chart subscription with an iPhone running iNavX?
A: No, this chart collection is iPad only (any model of iPad with iOS 7 or higher). The license conditions for re-selling the charts are specialized per device type family, so a purchase of iPad-only charts allows for download to 2 target iPads -- but not software on iPhone, not Windows, not Android, etc.

Q: If I replace my iPad hardware, can I migrate the Fugawi based Navionics charts over to the new iPad?
A: The chart files do not move from device to device or transfer via iCloud. Rather, you get a fresh download the whole chart collection again using the second of the two chart subscriptions included in the original purchase. Apply the "How to download charts" instructions to the new iPad's iNavX app. If you have no spare subscription to use yet there is an extraordinary situation, discuss this with

Q: I have the Navionics Boating app; can I use those charts within the iNavX app?
A: No, the iOS does not allow one app to reach into the another app's copyrighted and digital rights protected data and replicate / share that data, such as charts. Besides that fact, Fugawi's re-seller license conditions are for providing the downloads in a manner specialized and compatible with iNavX.

Q: How do charts download to the older iNavX version 4.x?
A: New downloads to the legacy version 4.x of iNavX are no longer possible, an error 200 will block the attempt. If you are unable to update iNavX to version 5.x because your old iOS 5 or 6 iPad is ineligible for upgrade, we recommend buying a new iPad capable of running iNavX 5.x.

Q: How long do these charts remain viewable? What are the subscription license conditions?
A: Your iOS devices retains the Navionics chart collection indefinitely, the charts are not timed to disappear due to subscription expiration. However, chart collections are licensed for use on only two supported iPad units, owned by you. When a download is made to an iPad, the charts and subsequent updates are effectively locked to that iPad. Charts are not backed up by USB synchronization to iTunes; so if you need to restore charts, configure iNavX to download them again. Fugawi guarantees to maintain your access to these Navionics charts and also provide chart content updates for as long as a subscription is maintained (default: one year, option to renew available). Therefore you may update and re-download this chart collection as many times as you like, onto the same iPad, for the standard one year subscription time. Discounted subscription renewals are available on your account's My Products page.

Q: Are special Navionics features like Tides and Currents data, User Generated Content, and Aerial Photography embedded and viewable in these downloadable Navionics+ charts?
A: The Navionics chart downloads from Fugawi contain fundamental objects like depth soundings, navigation aids, land references, etc. Other advanced content is not embedded in the download file. Or, in the case of Tides and Currents data, is not accessed directly by iNavX which favors specialized companion software such as the AyeTides app, for purchase in the App Store.

Q: How do I report missing or incorrect features in a Navionics chart?
A: Navionics encourages users of all its products to submit feedback regarding any discrepancies that may be found to ensure that their products are the best and most accurate available. Your feedback counts! Help to make Navionics products even better. Submit the chart content issue on the Navionics web site.

Q: Why should I choose Navionics charts if I already have coverage from the NOAA RNCs?
A: The choice is yours. However the Navionics charts are generally clearer to read at varying zoom scales and many people prefer the "look and feel" of the crisp and clear Navionics charts. And the NOAA RNC charts generally do not cover many inland fishing lakes. The Navionics HotMaps charts of U.S. freshwater lakes are the industry "gold standard" with the widest coverage and exclusive high-definition 1' contours for select lakes from Navionics' own on-the-water surveys.

Q: How much memory do these Navionics charts use?
A: The sum total of charts in a typical collection may take up about 50 to 500 MB. However iNavX gives you the option to selectively download the individual chart regions you actually need. An individual chart file download may be between 5 to 90 MB but are typically about 10 to 20 MB – a tiny fraction of an iOS device's total memory.

Q: If chart regions are deleted / refreshed, does that remove waypoints, routes, or tracks I have recorded?
A: When you find the ideal fishing spot, iNavX lets you save your position (a waypoint) or a route (a string of sequential waypoints). Waypoints and routes do not embed into the chart data itself, they live in separate memory and are unaffected by chart updates or chart deletions. You can save as many waypoints and routes as you like. iNavX has Import and Export options under the WP+ tab for transferring data to Fugawi cloud storage or emailing out as GPX or KMZ data files.

Q: Can I get these charts as an in-app purchase inside iNavX?
A: Yes, this collection is available as an in-app purchase in the
Store tab of iNavX version 5.x.

Q: How can I get more help?
A: For questions about charts, weather, data overlays, anything purchased from, email for expert assistance and suggestions. For issues not having to do strongly with downloadable data, consult the help services at (which includes a Contact link for email support requests).

What is iNavX?
iNavX is like a chart plotter in your hands. Though iNavX comes with free USA NOAA raster charts, the Fugawi service offers additional charts to load into this mobile plotter and route planner. Momentum Labs LLC, whom Fugawi is pleased to partner with, are the authors of iNavX.

Popular iNavX features:

  • Waypoint and route creation, editing, and export via email or Fugawi clouid storage. Send data to other software capable of presenting GPX or KMZ data files (ex. MacENC charting software).
  • Go To waypoint navigation, course to steer, distance to go, estimated time of arrival, etc.
  • Operates with GPS extender add-on modules such as Bad Elf GPS (plug-in or Bluetooth)
  • GPS tracking, creating a "bread crumb" trail that may be re-used for a future expedition
  • Anchor Alarm, configured for whatever distance you need
  • AIS data via Wi-Fi displays course, speed, other ship data in area
  • Shows NMEA instrument data (ex. compass, depth, wind) broadcast via Wi-Fi
  • Theyr Weather (separate purchase) and GRIB weather forecasts may overlay charts
  • Waterway Guide data overlays for enriched chart information
  • Able to download and display international chart from many brands of chart vendor
  • ... And many more features ...


More FAQs about iNavX

Q: Can I get iNavX to use the charts embedded in the Navionics Boating app or from a media card?
A: No. Like most iOS apps, iNavX has its own memory "sand box" for data and cannot reach outside to extract chart data from elsewhere, regardless of the chart's name branding. There are no cross-promotion deals for sharing one Navionics chart license (from a microSD card for example) among any arbitrary assortment of hardware.

Q: What are the system requirements and hardware preferences for iNavX?
A: As of iNavX 5, the device must have iOS 7 or higher (9 or 10 preferred). A few hundred spare Megabtyes (MB) of device memory is typically enough for both the app and many charts. Seeing a live GPS boat icon at the center of a chart requires some way of the device recieving GPS data; the easy solution is a 3G/4G enabled iPad but external GPS add-on devices function as an alternative, particularly for Wi-Fi only devices.

Q: Can I run iNavX and share its charts on a MacOS or Windows computer or Android device?
A: No. Apps that run in the world of iOS stays in the world of iOS; you would need different software for other platforms. The charts from would also likely have a different version and price for other platforms. Some third party hardware allows for viewing an iOS screen and its apps on a larger computer screen -- maybe that would be enough for your needs. In late 2017, an Android version of iNavX was released.

Q: Is there a way to share waypoints, routes, and tracks between iNavX and other software?
A: Yes. iNavX uses the universal flexible file formats of GPX and KMZ for waypoints, routes, and tracks. Many other software packages and many modern chart plotters also use at least GPX, and possibly KMZ (ex. Google Earth). Study the import / export options within iNavX. Or just email GPX or KMZ file attachments to and from your iOS device; tap & hold on any GPX or KMZ until the iOS prompts you with an option to copy the data over to iNavX.

Q: How is the iNavX app related to Fugawi / Johnson Outdoors Canada?
A: The iNavX software is independently authored by Momentum Labs LLC and they sell it through the iTunes App Store. Any purchase of iNavX or in-app purchases are done exclusively through the Apple iTunes Store, thus Fugawi (formerly X-Traverse) is not a direct party to such transactions. What Fugawi does is re-sell various chart brands compatible with iNavX.

Q: Where can I find an iNavX user guide and more assistance with the apps features?
A: The online guide to iNavX is here: A third-party ebook on how to use iNavX is available in the iTunes Store. Search for several iNavX tutorials. Or contact iNavX support by email at