nv charts Region 5.1 Chesapeake Bay North and Delaware Bay - 2012 ed.

Cape May, Philadelphia to Potomac River raster charts: harbors, marinas, planning charts

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This nv charts collection, produced by Nautical Publications, is especially made with the requirements of the advanced yachtsman in mind. These brilliant, high-color raster charts have these features and benefits:

  • Fine contours and easy to distinguish color graduations of the depth line: turquoise for coral reefs, red for the 2 meter (6 feet) line and blue for the 6 meter (18 feet) line
  • Well marked rivers, towns and street plans all help to give a clear overall view of the shore side facilities
  • Heights and depths given in the internationally accepted meters units (only Region 8.2 are presented in feet)
  • Red numbers waypoints with coordinates based on WGS 84 enable yachtsmen to compare with their GPS instruments
  • Coastal charts have scales for safe navigationpassage charts give overviews for planning
  • Many details and harbours are included in large scales
  • Large-scale approaches and land contour markings simplify the entrance into anchorages
  • Harbor and Anchorage Pilots are included in chart Regions 8.2, 9.1, 9.3, 11 and Baltic Regions 1 to 5
  • Charts download directly to your compatible iOS, Android, Windows or MacOS software, no CD/DVD to purchase or shipping to pay (though optionally you can choose to have the paper chart kit companion shipped to you; see below)
  • Waypoints, routes, and tracks graphically layer over but do not alter the official underlaying raster charts
  • Subscription to this chart collection provides two things: (i) chart content updates that stay stored on your device / computer for offline use; and (ii) re-downloads of charts files in case of file loss from device memory or storage drive


These nv charts digital raster charts are for use with Windows®, MacOS®, iOS®, or Android® software including:

  • OpenCPN for Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android
  • iNavX™ app for iPad™ and iPhone™ with iOS 8 or higher
  • iNavX™ app for Android OS 4.3 or higher on smartphones and tablets
  • PathAway for Android™ with Android OS 2.2 or higher on smartphones and tablets
  • Fugawi Marine ENC 4.5™ (legacy software)
  • Fugawi Marine 5™ (legacy software)
  • Fugawi Global Navigator™ (legacy software)
  • MacENC™ on MacOS computers
  • GPSNavX™ on MacOS computers

How to download and view these charts

  1. If necessary, purchase compatible software (listed above) and update it to the most current version.
  2. If not already done, purchase (or renew) this chart subscription into your Fugawi.com account using any up-to-date web browser on any computer or device. 
  3. Download the charts inside the compatible software, as per the instructions in the software-specific sections below:


OpenCPN for Windows, MacOS, Linux computers and for Android devices

Summary: see OpenCPN tab to right ► ► ► for full illustrated details.

  1. Install the free Fugawi plugin for OpenCPN on a Windows, MacOS, or Linux computer.
    For Android devices use the Play Store utility to search by the phrase "Fugawi Charts plugin" and examine the plugin's information page. Tap Install, Accept, Skip (if a payment profile appears), Open.
  2. Under OpenCPN's Options | Plugins menu, select the row for Fugawi Charts and click the Enable button. 
  3. Select the Fugawi Charts tab, click Refresh Chart LIst and, when prompted, log into your Fugawi.com account.
  4. Select a chart subscription to activate. Click Activate Selected Chartset and a success message results. Click Install Selected Chartset and select an appropriate folder to store the chart files.
  5. Wait as the download of charts proceeds.
  6. Return to the world basemap. The newly downloaded chart's outline boundaries are shown as thin red rectangles for you to zoom in on.


iNavX 5 for iPhone and iPad

Summary below; see iNavX tab to right ► ► ► for additional details and potential troubleshooting.

  1. Starting on any chart screen (ex. world chart), tap the upper-left corner menu Charts | Account 
  2. Enter your Fugawi.com account's Email + Password; tap Login. Tap OK to the Success dialog box.
  3. On the My Charts tab, select this nv charts product title.
  4. Tap Download Chart List; answer Yes to the prompts.
    Note: After the first download, this option becomes Refresh Chart List.
  5. Tap on any desired chart name and answer Yes to the download prompt.
    (Optionally, tap the Yes, All of nv charts... for all batch download of all the charts in this collection)

Going forward, any chart already downloaded is listed in bold letters and may be tapped on for viewing (without any need for an Internet connection).

► For iNavX related questions, study www.inavx.com/help or email ios-support@inavx.com.


iNavX 1 for Android tablets / smartphones

Summary below; see iNavX tab to the right ► ► ► for additional details and potential troubleshooting.

  1. Starting on any chart screen (ex. world map), tap the More ( ... ) tab in the lower right corner.
  2. Select Account.
  3. Enter your Fugawi.com account's Email + Password; tap Login.
  4. You will be returned to a list of waypoints and routes (if any) stored on your Fugawi.com account. Get back to the iNavX home screen by pressing the Back    hardware button.
  5. Tap the Charts button on the bottom-center of the home screen.
  6. From the list of chart vendors, select nv charts and then pick this product title.
  7. When prompted to activate the subscription for chart downloads, tap Yes.
  8. A list of charts is presented. Tap on any desired single chart name. A download progress circle completes with a check mark. Tap the chart item again to view it.

► For iNavX related questions, study www.inavx.com/help or email android-support@inavx.com

► For additional references, also see these Youtube videos: How to create a Fugawi account for use with iNavX Android and How to install charts into iNavX on Android.


PathAway Pro (version or higher) for Android

  1. In PathAway Pro, tap the main menu | Maps | Import | Fugawi/X-Traverse Maps.
    If prompted to login, change from the PathAway account to Fugawi/X-Traverse, enter your Email and Password login information (same as your Fugawi.com login) and then tap Login.
  2. After a pause for downloading, examine the drop-down list and select this nv charts product title.
    Tip: If No Maps is the only drop-down list item, it may help to do this: tap on the main menu | Settings | My Accounts; tap Logout, re-select Fugawi/X-Traverse as the service, re-enter your account Email and Password, tap Login. Finally, return to Maps | Import and refresh the drop-down list.
  3. Tap the Activate Product option and answer Yes to the confirmation prompt.
  4. From the fetched list of individual charts, select one.
    Tip: To multi-select, tap the Select button in the lower left corner; then check mark along the right-hand edge all individual charts to be downloaded.
  5. A pop-up dialog appears; tap the Download Map option.
Going forward, view any chart by tapping Maps | Custom Maps, select any chart name with a check mark beside it and, from the pop-up dialog, tap Show.

For PathAway Android questions beyond chart downloading via Fugawi.com service, post your question to the PathAway Android support forum at pathaway.com/forum.


MacENC and GPSNavX on MacOS

Summary below; see MacENC / GPSNavX tab to the right ► ► ► for further details.

  1. Download the NavX app installer (posted on the Download link at http://gpsnavx.com/navx-for-mac) , open the DMG file and then run the installer package within.
    Note: MacOS security may require you to specifically allow this web download to install and run. or you need to press Apple command key ⌘ while right-clicking the NavX app, then select Open.
  2. Run the NavX app while your charting software is not running.
  3. Click the Account button and enter your Fugawi.com email + password.
  4. Click Activate Products to select MacENC or GPSNavX as well as a target download folder (preferably a new folder you have created under the MacOS Documents folder).
  5. From the drop-down list, select this chart title. Then click Activate. After confirming, charts files start to download.
  6. Start up your charting software and point its chart manager at the folder that received the downloaded chart files.

For MacENC or GPSNavX related questions (i.e. not about downloading charts), study the Help resources on the respective web sites or email either support@macenc.com or support@gpsnavx.com. 


Fugawi Marine 5

  1. For first time setup, click the menu File | Settings | Connections tab. Enter your Fugawi.com E-mail and case-sensitive Password. Click OK to save.
  2. Click Charts | Download X-Traverse Charts. Select this nv charts product and click OK. A one-time chart optimizing process takes a few minutes.
  3. Click Charts | Open Chart | X-Traverse | nv charts {chart title} to select individual charts for viewing.
    Note: if Fugawi Marine 5 has automatically quilted together this chart collection, select the top-most "all charts" entry to view a seamlessly connected all-scales quilted version of these charts.

For questions about Fugawi Marine 5 interfacing with NMEA networks, detecting GPS devices, managing waypoints and routes, and other question outside of chart and weather forecast downloads, contact software@fugawi.com.


Fugawi 4.5

  1. Click Maps | Manage X-Traverse Maps; login if prompted with your Fugawi.com Email and Password.
  2. From the list of chart subscriptions select this nv charts product title and click Activate.
  3. Click Maps | Open Maps | Fugawi X-Traverse Maps | nv charts {chart title}.
  4. Click on any chart name to download or right-click and select to download all charts in the collection.

There is limited technical support for Fugawi Global Navigator 4.5 or Fugawi Marine ENC 4.5 for issues beyond chart downloads. Only email support is provided, via contact email software@fugawi.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does a paper-based or app-based chart product from nv charts have an equivalent free or discounted chart download from the Fugawi.com service?
A: Before October 2016, the old X-Traverse promotional offer provided a free download matching a purchased nv charts paper kit. No such offer is available at the time of this writing but such deals may resume in the future -- we will announce any such promotions on our Fugawi Facebook page. And, of course, Fugawi.com/charts is pleased to sell you a wide range of nv charts regions.

Q: What happens when a chart subscription expires? Do the charts disappear?
A: Whatever charts you downloaded stay resident in device memory / drive indefinitely available for planning, navigation, etc. The chart's subscription status matters only when you wish to download new chart updates, or when a device's memory is reset, or a new device comes into service; you may wish to renew your subscription or buy a new edition year of the same chart area in these cases. Occasionally, technical issues concerning low free memory, iOS updates, app updates, etc. may cause unexpected issues for retaining charts; in such a case, contact support@x-traverse.com as the first source of consultation on resolving such issues.

Q: How do I transfer these charts to other devices or computers?
A: You do not transfer chart files from device to device, or hard drive to hard drive, not as such. What happens is you use a spare chart subscription to activate to a new target device / computer with its compatible charting app; just download a fresh copy of the chart files to that secondary device. If you are out of subscription range or have exceeded the normal 2 device / computer license limit, contact support@x-traverse.com for your options.

Q: Can I share charts with other apps such as the nv charts branded software?
A: No, generally charts in one app are licensed locked to that app. Other apps, generally, can not reach into another app's store of charts and borrow them.

Q: Do the chart files get backed up to a computer via USB synchronization? or to external drives?
A: No, the chart files are digital-rights locked to a specific device / computer. Charts do not backup and restore other than through a re-download via Internet connection to the Fugawi.com web service.

Q: How often are the charts updated?
A: Usually a given chart collection is updated two or three times in the edition year. Sometimes another update is produced in the following year if no formal new edition is published in paper. Fugawi sends out emails to all chart subscribers when an update is ready. Update file wholly replace old files. Any corrections for charts are passed along to nv charts cartography team.

Q: If I update the charts (thereby deleting old versions) do my waypoints and routes get erased?
A: No, that is not a concern. Waypoints and routes are always stored quite apart from any chart even though they visually hover on top of chart graphics. Mind you, charting software always has export options for waypoints and routes, so you would do well to exporting archives of your data once in a while.

Q: The charts are not seamless; how do I transition from one chart to a chart in an adjacent geographic area?
A: For iNavX... What always works (but is not always convenient) is to return to the master charts list and look for the next chart over based on chart name and/or number. However, if an overview scale chart shows sub-charts as red rectangular outlines, tap on the rectangle to see if the sub-chart is offered along with other query data.
For OpenCPN... The first time you download these charts into OpenCPN, a process analyzes and sorts the charts by relative position and scale in order to prepare them for a quilted view of all the charts at all scales for this collection. OpenCPN gives you that quilted view plus the ability to call up individual charts.
For other software... Read the help menu materials provided by the software under the topic of "auto-loading" or "adjacent charts" or other similar phrases.

Q: How can I get advice and technical support?
A: Email charts@fugawi.com for fast custom responses providing expert support on chart purchase advice, subscription information and justified resets, and download help / error message resolution. We will refer you to iNavX ( ios-support@inavx.com ) or PathAway ( support forum) for issues centered on the features and functions of those charting apps; MacENC.com and GPSNavX.com also have help materials on their web site and you may email them for technical support as well. Similarly, OpenCPN has extensive User Manuals and large community of users helping eachother out.



OpenCPN for Windows, MacOS, Linux
(see notes for OpenCPN for Android at the bottom of this page)

Adapt the instructions below for your operating system. Slight differences are present in how to download charts in Windows vs. MacOS vs Linux

  1. If necessary, update OpenCPN to at least verison, 4.8.4 being the required minimum version.

  2. Download the Fugawi plugin from the OpenCPN plugins page at:


  3. Install the Fugawi plugin, clicking Continue and accepting default install options.

    Tip #1: On MacOS, press the Apple command key ⌘ while right-clicking the Fugawi plugin package / installer; and from the right-click context menu, select Open. This should avoid MacOS Gatekeeper from disabling this web downloaded app.
    Tip #2: On Windows, a typical anti-malware security utility may need to be adjusted to un-quarantine the plugin installer and/or permit installation of the plugin. Consult the security utility's Help resources for more information.
    Tip #3: On Linux systems, a get-app command line may be needed for installation. See the generalized Linux plugin help page.

  4. Launch OpenCPN.

  5. Find the Plugins section...

    • Windows OpenCPN full menu path is ToolsOptions | Plugins (or click the Options toolbar icon).

    • MacOS OpenCPN menu is OpenCPN | Preferences | Plugins

      OpenCPN Plugin for Fugawi

  6. Select the Fugawi plugin from the list of all plugins and click the Enable button.
    The button changes to Disable in case you need to do OpenCPN plugin troubleshooting in the future.

  7. Click the Charts section and select the Fugawi Charts tab.

    Fugawi Charts tab of OpenCPN tools charts menu

  8. Click the Refresh Chart List button.

  9. When prompted, login with your Fugawi.com email + password and click OK.

  10. A list of all chart subscriptions appears, both new / unactivated and previously downloaded. Select a desired chart subscription sub-titled as Status: Ready for Activation Request.

  11. Click the Activate Selected Chartset button.

  12. Answer Yes to the prompt confirming activation. Click OK after the activation succeeds.

  13. Click the Install Selected Chartset button.

  14. When prompted, browse to and select any folder on your hard drive used as a general repository of charts. Your hard drive's folder path names will vary.
    The browsing dialog has an option to create a new parent folder for all your charts, if you need it.

    In the example illustration below, a Windows computer has a general folder for all OpenCPN charts and, beneath it, a few sub-folders of various chartsets. In Windows OpenCPN, the OpenCPN charts parent folder is selected with a click of the Select Folder button; on MacOS OpenCPN the selection is completed with the Open button.


  15. Wait as the chart files download. Click OK when complete.

  16. From the Chart Files tab, select the folder containing the downloaded chart files. The folders are automatically named according to the Fugawi product code -- which you should not edit. However, you may nest a given Fugawi chart folder under another sub-folder with an appropriate name describing the geographic area of the chart product. 

  17. Click Apply. The various charts in the chartset are analyzed by OpenCPN and prepared for a mutli-scale quilted view. This usually takes several seconds, possibly longer depending on the number of chart files,

  18. The world base map view represents the new collection of charts with thin red boundaries rectangles / polygons. Pan and zoom as necessary to view the quilted charts at a desirable scale. See the section below for tips on how to get the best view of the charts.


Basics about viewing the charts

An initial chart chosen by OpenCPN appears: it may be a world basemap or a previously viewed chart. Zoom in / out, pan around as desired. If the initial view is red outline rectangles only, use the menu Shift to Smaller Scale Chart (also invoked by the F8 function key) to see the actual chart graphics.

Tip #4 : Depending a chartset's properties, you may find it helpful to increase or decrease how soon a fine detailed local scale chart visually emerges out of a larger area yet lower detail chart. Do this in Tools (Preferences in MacOS) | Display | Advanced | Chart Zoom / Scale Weighting. Or simply press the keyboard letter D to bring the slider control over the current chart. Experiment with the slider setting for each chartset to get what you perceive as the best balance of clarity versus density of chart objects.
OpenCPN display advanced settings for chart viewing, particularly scale weighting

Tip #5: The "Chart Piano" control (keyboard toggle: CTRL + B or Apple-logo + B), a thin horizontal strip of buttons representing individual charts along the lower border of screen, may be used for:

  • Click selecting a single chart out of the larger collection, with the single chart centered by default.
  • Mouse hovering over a button to examine the corresponding chart's informaton: drive storage path, scale ratio, projection 


OpenCPN for Android

The look and operational features of OpenCPN are remarkably similar across the platforms of Android and computer-based OpenCPN installations. However, installing both the OpenCPN software and the Fugawi Charts plugin is line with all typical apps from the Google Play Store. Take note of these points:

  • The authentic OpenCPN for Android in the Google Play Store has author name "Dave Register" and has a modest price for purchase. Buy and install this first using the Play Store app on your Android device.
    Additional notes:
    • Fugawi technical support does not provide a walk-through on the basic consumer topic of buying and installing apps. Google has generalized Help references on buying and installing apps.
    • You may perform a side-install from a computer via USB cable but this is generally more complicated, so we recommend using the standard Google Play mechanism for buying, and downloading / installing the app.
    • Do not install free OpenCPN variants for Android because these are not compatible with the Fugawi Charts Plugin.
  • The Fugawi Charts Plugin for OpenCPN in the Google Play Store also has author name "Dave Register" and it is free. Install this companion app using the Play Store utility on your Android devce. The sequence is:
    1. In the Play Store's search box, enter the phrase "Fugawi Charts plugin" and examine the appropriate search result.
    2. On the Fugawi Charts Plugin store page, tap Install.
    3. Tap Accept.to confirm what resources the plugin app has access to within your device.
    4. If prompted for payment information or a redeem code, tap Skip.
    5. Wait as the download / install proceeds.
    6. Tap Open.
    7. In the app that launches, tap Install Fugawi Charts Plugin.
    8. After several seconds, OpenCPN is launched with the plugin included. Just like OpenCPN on a computer, enter the Options menu | Plugins, find the Fugawi Charts plugin row and tap the Enable button.
      Tip: On a typical Android smartphone, the Plugins section may be hidden behind and to the right of other software controls and tabs. If you rotate the screen to wide landscape mode, the Plugins should become visible.



► For OpenCPN related questions, study the documentation manuals and/or OpenCPN forums.

► For help with chart selection, purchasing process, and downloads contact charts@fugawi.com. However, it is outside Fugawi's scope of support to offer assistance with OpenCPN display preferences, tool use, data transfers, hardware interfacing, regular navigation and planning operations of the software, etc.

iNavX for iOS and Android

The iNavX instructions for iOS devices are immediately below. The Android edition of iNavX is configured similarly, see the specialized instructions farther below.

These instructions are best viewed on a computer monitor screen as the instructions are followed within the navigation app.


For iNavX 5.1.x or higher on iPad and iPhone

From any charts screen of iNavX, tap Charts in the upper-left corner and then Account.


On the account screen, enter your Fugawi.com account's Email and case sensitive Password.
Tap the Login button and OK to the success prompt.

Help note #1 - if you see the "Forbidden" error... Most likely you need to carefully re-enter the password correctly or create a new easier password. Tip: a reliable, handy password composed of only numbers (0-9) and case-sensitive letters (a-z / A-Z) is best.


The screen refreshes and should go by default to the My Charts tab. (Ignore the Store tab for these purposes.)
Among whatever other charts titles you may have, tap on this nv charts title.

Help note #2 - if this chart title not listed... Go back to Account, log out, re-enter the Fugawi email + password, then login again. This should force the chart title to list under My Charts. Another method: slowly finger drag the "NOAA" gray colored title bar downwards for a few seconds, then release to refresh the screen.



The chart list is initially empty. Tap Download Chart List.
Answer Yes to the prompt for updating and Yes to activate the subscription to this one licensed iOS device.

Help note #3 - if you receive and error about not being able to activate the chart subscription or "... unable to retrieve account..." then you need to revised your Fugawi.com password to a string of text without punctuation characters such as & ^ # @ / <, etc.; the password must be at least 8 characters long and should contain only numbers and case-sensitive letters.



From the presented list of named chart regions, tap any one chart you wish to download.
Tap the red Yes button to download only the single selected chart region. Or tap the Yes, All nv charts... option to batch download all charts in the collection.



A percentage indicator shows the progress of the download; a single chart file is typically a few tens of Kilobytes (KB) and so the usual completion time is a matter of seconds. The chart is displayed moments after the indicator gets to 100%.

In the example below, a broad overview chart (ex. English Channel) shows small red rectangles indicating smaller scale charts with more local detail.
You may tap on any rectangle and see the chart's name show in the query result pop-up. Tap that chart name and respond Yes to the prompt to download and view it.



Help-note #4: To prevent the chart from leaping away to your current GPS position (which may be blank, outside the chart's boundaries) tap the Settings icon in the upper-right corner. Configure the option Pos Icon Loc (position icon at location) to None, which removes the boat icon and auto-centering on GPS location. But when you go back to actively navigating, set this to CTR (center at GPS) to see the boat icon.



Help-note #5: If this chart subscription is expired, the app will be unable to update the charts or re-download them after a device memory reset. You may renew the chart subscription at a reduced price depending on current available discounts and promotions. Or contact charts@fugawi.com for consultation on the status of your subscriptions. 



For iNavX 1.x or higher on Android smartphone or tablet

  1. Starting on any chart screen (ex. world map), tap the More options tab ( ... ) in the lower right corner.

  2. Tap Account.

  3. In the text fields given, enter your Fugawi.com account's E-mail + Password and then tap the Log In button.

  4. The account page changes to logged in status and presents any waypoints and routes stored on your Fugawi.com account's cloud storage.
    Return to the iNavX home screen by pressing the back hardware (    ) button.
  5. Tap the Charts button on the bottom-center of the home screen.
  6. On the My Charts tab, a list of chart vendor brand-names is given. Select nv charts.

  7. Pick this specific subscribed chart title.
  8. When prompted to activate the subscription for chart downloads, tap Yes.

  9. From the list of charts, tap on any single one.
    A dialog lets you select to download only the single chart selected (default choice) or download the entire batch of charts from the currently activated product (choice selected in illustration below). Select as you like then tap Download.

  10. As a chart downloads, a clock-wise indicator shows the download progress. When a chart download is complete, tap the check-marked chart name to view it.

    Tip: iNavX has an auto-center feature enabled by default; so if you download a chart region far away from your current GPS position, the app purposely "jumps away" from the chart to show whatever it can of your current location (even if that's just the world outline map). To disable auto-center, tap the small gear-wheel icon   in the upper-right of any shown chart, and set Location to the circle-option None.


PathAway Pro

  1. In PathAway Pro, tap the main menu | Maps | Import | Fugawi/X-Traverse Maps.
    If prompted to login, change from the PathAway account to Fugawi/X-Traverse, enter your Email and Password login information (same as your Fugawi.com login) and then tap Login.
  2. After a pause for downloading, examine the drop-down list and select this nv charts product title.
    Tip: If No Maps is the only drop-down list item, it may help to do this: tap on the main menu | Settings | My Accounts; tap Logout, re-select Fugawi/X-Traverse as the service, re-enter your account Email and Password, tap Login. Finally, return to Maps | Import and refresh the drop-down list.
  3. Tap the Activate Product option and answer Yes to the confirmation prompt.
  4. From the fetched list of individual charts, select one.
    Tip: To multi-select, tap the Select button in the lower left corner; then check mark along the right-hand edge all individual charts to be downloaded.
  5. A pop-up dialog appears; tap the Download Map option.
  6. View any chart by tapping Maps | Custom Maps, select a chart with a check mark beside it and, from the pop-up dialog, tap Show.