Richard S, Dade City Florida, USA

"I am taking the time to forward this email in response to your great technician Sheldon. I was having many difficulties setting up my new Raymarine a 95 chart plotter. I am not computer savvy. Mr. Sheldon was outstanding to work with, extremely knowledgeable and took the time and patience to help me resolve my problem. I was extremely impressed with the way he communicated with me and calmed me down, letting me know that he would solve the problem. I was extremely impressed with his professionalism. Mr. Sheldon is definitely an asset to your organization.

Thank you so very much for employing such qualified personnel with your company."

Captain Mark D, NH
"Having purchased Fugawi 5 some time ago I have found myself needing to contact customer service on several occasions relating to different aspects of my installation and use of the product.

It can sometimes be an immense source of rectal discomfort being an old style Engineer, such as myself, because not only do we want to know how things work but we also want to know why not when they don’t work!

I am not usually accustomed to extolling the virtues of customer service staff however I have to make the exception with Sheldon Foulds. What an outstanding example he is to all of us seeking to venture into online products such as Fugawi Marine 5, and this is not to be taken lightly, because indeed, safe passage may depend upon the proper use of this product.

In every case he has responded extremely quickly to all my many questions and has assisted me in getting everything up and running. Not only do I find him entirely professional but what a pleasure it is to work with someone that really knows his job and presents such a pleasant personality. He scores a ten in every aspect

After working with Sheldon, I am very confident in recommending his services and perhaps more important, I am confident in recommending your product knowing that it is backed up by such expertise. I am sure he will continue to be an absolute asset to your company."

Kind Regards
Mark D.

John A,  New York, NY.
“I have worked with Sheldon for the past couple of years and he has always gone the extra yard for me. Always a positive attitude and patient and always resolves the problem. I have rarely dealt with anyone in Customer Support that lives up to Sheldon’s standards.  He is excellent!"

Thank you.

Sharon , Anacortes, WA.
I want to thank you for you help with my very frustrating (for me) issue with the download of charts to Voyage Planner. 

Your patience, extreme knowledge, and professionalism is very much recognized and appreciated. 

Please make sure your "supervisor" knows what an asset you are!

Thanks so much. 

Michael P, Greenlawn, NY

I want to thank you VERY, VERY, VERY MUCH for your expertise and great advice regarding the BU-353S4 GPS unit.  It works PERFECTLY with the Fugawi Global Navigator and Microsoft Surface Pro 4 tablet I have.  I am SO HAPPY to have this working.  You did a great job researching everything and you got back to me SO QUICKLY.  I really appreciate all you have done.  

Thanks again Sheldon, you are great!  

Mark P, Mississippi, MS

My name is Mark P and I live in MISSISSIPPI. I just wanted to tell you how pleased I have been with the excellent service provided by Sheldon in your product support department . He has been very knowledgeable as well as eager to assist me in any way each time I needed help.

Good people usually reflect good management so thank you for Sheldon; he’s a “keeper “!